Off to the printers

5 05 2011

AFTER THREE weeks that I thought would never end, my editing and proofreading work on “the coffee table book” is finally done!  Well, at least the first round of proofreading.  I don’t think that my college yearbook was this stressful.  Hahaha!

In this day and age of high technology – where everything can happen so fast that the very concept of patience is being threatened of extinction – I refused to turn on spelling and grammar check on my word processor (who even calls it word processor these days?) even when already faced with a pile of essays so high it threatened to eclipse my very own chin.  I went on my own pace, however glacial, armed with my tools of the trade – four ballpoint pens in the colors blue, red, pink, and purple, and my best recollection of old school editing and proofreading marks.

It was a lot of hard work spread in a tight-knit team of four – a project lead, a co-lead, a creative director, and a writer/editor.

And for the first time in months, the manuscript is…  off to the printers!

This is a special corner in the office where I could escape to for some peace and quiet during crunch time! That's not even close to half of what I had to write, re-write, edit, and then proofread.


Across the aisle is where my creative director took care of all the artistic aspects. I have to say, he made magic!


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