Don’t go breaking my heart

6 05 2011


A FUNNY thing happened at the counter at Starbucks.

My favorite green tea latte "over ice"!

I first placed an order for eight drinks and used my coffee name (if you read this blog, you know what my coffee name is – it’s a superhero’s real name).  On a whim, I asked for my favorite-thru-association green tea latte over ice, explicitly repeating the “over ice” qualifier, had it put on a separate bill, and used on it my real first name.  After instructions were given, smiles were exchanged between orderer and the barista.

After I served my party’s drinks, I returned to the counter to find out in spine-tingling shock that my green tea latte was not “over ice” but “frap” (ice-blended).  Still with a huge smile on my face – knowing well enough to always be kind to the people who handle my food – I almost sheepishly uttered in a hushed voice, “I specifically reiterated to her that it’s ‘over ice.’”  My smile and slight tilt of the head politely referred to my order-taker who by then was whipping up a sugar-free vanilla frap for someone who was obviously mindful of her calorie intake but was seemingly dumb for asking whipped cream topping a mile high.  The barista was so apologetic and immediately removed the drink in question from my sight and in a jiff rectified the situation with the drink of my desire.

Profuse thanks were given, and smiles were again exchanged between the orderer and the barista.

Before I could even completely turn away, I heard someone call out, “Sir Vincent?”

It was the barista who first made my drink.  I attempted to cut her short because I didn’t want her to apologize at all when she drowned my attempt with, “Did you at least see the hearts I drew on the cup?”


"Vincent" on a Starbucks cup... with hearts! =)



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