Counterstrike by way of food

9 05 2011

Sinigang na Sugpo sa Kamias

FICKLE WEATHER is such a bitch.  After smarting under the lash of 30-plus-degree temperatures last week, we now find ourselves reaching for a warm blanket.  Now that’s like having our bodies go through temperature cycling.  Good, another bitch.

@Rambuc, who I follow on twitter, couldn’t have put it any better: “Thanks to this bi-polar weather, my nose is so red, I could definitely guide Santa’s sleigh! *sniff sniff*”

Clearly, these atmospheric conditions deserve a counterstrike – by way of food.  And I couldn’t think of anything better than the warmth of sinigangSinigang na Sugpo sa Kamias!  With all due respect to sinigang mixes, sinigang soured with the goodness of fresh fruit – tamarind, guava, calamansi, or in this case, kamias (cucumber tree fruit) – soothes like no other.

Best had steaming hot, the tang never fails to tingle from the inside, radiating warmth to the outside.  Perfect for when your favorite blanket is at the cleaners, sinigang can give all the comfort you need.  Just couldn’t wait to make one tonight!



A medium onion and lots of tomatoes go to my sinigang broth!


This tomato is so cute!


Fresh prawns!


The sinigang's ready!


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Agot in the Straits

9 05 2011

Ms. Agot Isidro – Sandejas in The Straits Times!

EASILY, ABOUT ten pounds of my check-in luggage when I fly back home is allocated for stuff that I think only I can appreciate – local newspapers for every single day of my trip.

Aside from being a major capacity eater, newspapers make for excellent cushions for fragile stuff I have to bring back home.  Recently, I had peace of mind at 33,000 feet up in the air knowing that the precious big bottle of Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne I had to deliver to Friendship’s sister was ensconced safely in the protection of newspapers and newly laundered shirts.  Yes, I’ve got the art of packing down pat.

But the moment the luggage is opened, and the newspapers duly ackowledged for their valuable use in intercontinental travel, I still go back to the reason why I lug them around – all ten plus pounds of them – their contents.

On the 15 March 2011, Tuesday, edition of Singapore’s THE STRAITS TIMES, the life!. section carried a story on our very own “Filipino soap star” Ms. Agot Isidro.  I’ve known just how much Singaporeans have taken to the English-dubbed version of the smash hit “Tayong Dalawa” (The Two of Us).  But I still got a bit surprised that a local newspaper would allot space on one of its stars.

15 March 2011 edition of The Straits Times

I say just “a bit” surprised because Ms. Agot Isidro was the perfect choice to feature, she being one of our most beautiful, most stylish, and most multi-talented artists.  But the fact that she’s such a foodie – one of the aspects touched on in the article – seems to be what I now like most about her.

If hopping on a plane for a four-hour ride just so you could eat your favorite cuisine isn’t real passion, then I don’t know what is.

Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) is such a hit in the Lion city!


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