Friday the 15th

13 05 2011

WE’RE EXPECTING to receive the first batch of the “coffee table book” today.  I’m so excited.

One of the things I wrote for the book is an essay that pays tribute to the wonderful people I’ve met at work.  Whenever I write, it’s the opening paragraph that I really struggle with.  I want it to be witty enough, and if it is, it would be easy to build the whole essay around it.  And after I’ve come up with the opening, I usually won’t have any more trouble giving my work a nice title.

But for this essay for the coffee table book, I was having a dry spell, unable to come up with a catchy title.  I ended up choosing one word to allude to the time I will have spent at work, where I met all these people, when I finally mark my last day in office here – “Fifteen”.

Today, the 13th of May, marks my fifteenth year on my job – this job, my first ever out of college.  I will miss doing this.

One thing constant in my life these past fifteen years is that I keep a notebook all the time. This scribbling led to a blog post.


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