Amadeo pomodoro

14 05 2011

My angel hair pomodoro made with fresh tomatoes purchased from a "coffee place". No parmesan cheese, no cayenne pepper... but perfect just the same!

PILES OF fresh produce taking up residence in close proximity to fruit-bearing trees seem to have irresistable appeal.  The setup easily conjures images of “from the tree to the table in no time.”  Though tomatoes, regardless of their provenance, never fail to consume me.

My friends and I have been frequenting this “coffee place” near work.  It’s originally a coffee place until it morphed into a casual dining place proud of its homecooked meals.  But this post is not about lunch here just yet.  This post is about the fresh tomatoes I got from them, with which I made one of the more unforgettable incarnations of my self-proclaimed specialty – eNTeNG’s Angel Hair Pomodoro.  With parmesan cheese and cayenne pepper conspicuously absent from the recipe, the tomatoes and their literally bursting freshness shone bright in a sauce made deep red by the fruits’ natural color and not by nature-identical food dyes.

A kilo of fresh tomatoes!


This tomato was the first I picked out from the lot.


Preparing the tomatoes for this sauce was quite a departure from my usual method of blanching. This time, I "flash-steamed" the tomatoes before I peeled and seeded them. Of course, by "flash-steamed" I mean simply using the steamer, not some highly industrial process.

I noticed right outside this restaurant a couple of tomato plants, their weak stems sprawling over loose rocky, sandy soil parched under the unforgiving heat of the midday sun.  I lifted my head right after capturing their image with my trusty Canon IXUS 860IS, and that was when I noticed the pile of bright red and yellow tomatoes.  I couldn’t care less whether they were picked fresh.  Moreso if they came from the plants outside.  I just had to have them.

Tomato plant right outside the "coffee place".

At a measly twenty five pesos a kilo, I actually felt I stole them.

The tomatoes were so fresh and red (the flesh at least), they made for this delicious, really generous sauce.


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3 responses

15 05 2011

This dish looks amazing!


16 05 2011

Hi there “thepintsizechef”… Nice site you got there. Lovin’ the Inspirations page too. Thanks for visiting my site. Cooking is fun!


19 05 2013

Always, your posts make me drool a bit. Hahaha!


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