So cheezy

2 06 2011

ONE OF the errands I run that I really schedule is when I go have my wristwatches serviced.  On this last one, I bumped into Technomarine’s latest endorser, Sen. Cheez Escudero.  Well, at least his huge poster by the entrance of the brand’s flagship store at Greenbelt 3.  I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with him.  Oh I mean, it.

Sen. Cheez Escudero as the new brand ambassador of Technomarine in the Philippines


Had my photo taken while I waited for my Technomarine Apnea.


Aside from the cleaning and the battery replacement, my Apnea got treated to a brand new strap in yellow!

I always feel at home in wristwatch stores that I would almost always strike up a conversation with other shoppers.  As I waited for one of two Technomarines remaining in my collection, I made a fast friend in an Ayala Land Property Consultant who just had put his name on a wait list for a certain strap.  Of course, I shamelessly asked to snap photos of his Technomarine TMX (I think that’s what the model is called).

My new friend's Technomarine TMX. Nice!


He was so kind and gamely posed when I asked for this shot.


Later went to Muji to get presents.


And Healthy Options is a requisite stop! Mama has favorite cookies that can only be found here.



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