Eat. Talk. Shop.

8 06 2011

Data & eNTeNG

MY MORTALITY stares at me straight, not in the presence of imminent danger, but when in an eat-all-you-can buffet.

I’ve been to YakiMIX a few times, all for reasons that were beyond sustaining my body’s physiological processes.  The first couple of times were celebrations to see colleagues and dear friends off on their move to Singapore.  The last one last night, a spur-of-the-moment surprise to one of my dearest friends, was one in a series of seeing me off.  I don’t know but something about eventually taking that flight to somewhere 2,390 kilometers away could make someone wax nostalgic about the past.  And want to make memories.

I owe Data – the Daphne Tatiana – everything I know about making short videos.  She gave me a short introduction over coffee at Figaro at The Podium, and I’ve been unstoppable since, producing works that have been used for corporate events and for intimate gatherings.

The Diva approaches the escalator landing.

The Diva right in front of the venue of our first meeting, Figaro at The Podium.

So fab at the buffet. I told her that I loved her color blocking.

The Diva and the swanky interiors.

I felt my series of send-offs wouldn’t be complete without an evening of good food and great conversation with this fine lady.  We realized that so much has changed in each other’s lives – she now teaches at the country’s foremost (state) university, is waiting for word on the next phase of her application to a major Ph.D. program in the States, and is back writing for a major network, something she probably loves as much, if not more than executive producing the first season of Project Runway Philippines.

Yes, so much has changed.  But we are just both so glad that, as she did write on my facebook wall, we haven’t.  Our conversation was free-flowing and it was so effortless to pick up from where we left off.

The Diva's grillers

The Diva's second plate of salad, sashimi, and more grillers.

My first plate, from the sashimi station. I got five of each kind! Yes, even the lemon wedges were five in all!


Five pieces of ebi sushi


My second plate of sushi. Again, five of each, except for a "duo" of salmon and tuna.


My duo of fish sashimi. Norwegian pink salmon and yellow fin tuna, live together in perfect harmony, one on top of the other, on my plate.




My sukiyaki with the Diva's grillers at the background.

Practically the same sentiment I have for YakiMIX.  It’s simply a trusty buffet, with probably one of the widest selections of sushi and sashimi (my favorites!), Cantonese cuisine, and barbecue on their smokeless grill.  A little shopping ensued, including tagging a Philip Stein wristwatch for future purchase.  Of course, we capped the night with luscious desserts and coffee at Segafredo – a couple cappuccinos, and a slice each of Butter Cake for her, and Red Velvet for me.

I’ve missed you, Data!  Let’s do this one more time before I leave.



Red Velvet Cake


Perfect combination – red velvet cake and cappuccino!

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