That’s a wrap

14 06 2011

A Takashimaya paper shopping bag makes for perfect wrapping for this gift.

I’VE DONE it to Starbucks and Rustan’s paper bags.  Now, I’m adding Takashimaya to the list.

I’m talking about shopping bags I’ve recycled, reused, and most importantly, re-purposed.  To wrap one gift I gave to a superhero last week, I pulled one of a few Takashimayas I amassed from a recent trip.  Half of the front panel was more than enough.

Half of the front panel was enough! The piece that bears the store's name became the stationery.

In place of an actual greeting card or fancy stationery, I tore the part of the paper bag – the one on the sides – that bears the name “Takashimaya Singapore”.  On it I wrote a short note that went with the gift.

The short note

This is actually the foremost reason why I keep shopping bags.  They make perfect gift wrapping.  They have great designs.  They have color.  They have attitude.

Ready for delivery!



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One response

14 06 2011
Alexis Araneta

Now, that is super smart…and pretty!


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