Green day

16 06 2011

My new sneakers... in GREEN!

“SIR, LASALISTA kayo, noh?”  The propensity for lying almost kicked in.  Not because I wanted to be seen as a Green Archer (I’m mighty proud of being a Mapúa Cardinal!) but because it seemed convenient at the time.

For a split second, I turned my head a little to the right, just so I could let the sales associate know that all his blabbering wasn’t lost with me.  He was tailing me as I made my way from one end of their store to the other, carefully scanning every displayed item for a pair of green sneakers.  I would’ve wanted Converse but the two stores I had been were out of stock.


“No no no.  It’s just that I love green.”

“Adidas Samba…  do you have it in green?  Does it even come in green?”


I ended up crossing the hall to another store where I found this pair of Gola shoes.  They’re perfect for completing today’s ensemble.  Quite obviously, I’m just way too happy that “Green Lantern” has finally opened in cinemas!

We have tickets to a screening tonight.  Can’t wait!

Today is Green Lantern day!


Today's ensemble. The green frame didn't make it. As for the green jeans from People Are People? Not available in my size! Hahaha!


Lovin' the print at the back of the shirt!


Nixon "Time Teller" wristwatch and Gola sneakers, both in green.


Ryan Reynolds stars as Green Lantern!


Green Lantern trumps Jacob and Cristiano!


Green Screen Hero


Ryan Reynolds is The Man.


Green Lantern at Fully Booked


Green Lantern opens in Metro Manila cinemas today!


Off to see Green Lantern!




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2 responses

17 06 2011
Capt. A

Despite the predominantly green ensemble, I say the royal blue jeans stole the show. 🙂


22 06 2011
Darryl Gallo

GO LASALLE! Animo Green!!!! 🙂


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