It’s not easy to be green

17 06 2011

Ryan Reynolds brings the swagger to the new movie, "Green Lantern".


RYAN REYNOLDS always gets proposed to.

First, by Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate in “The Proposal” and now, by Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur in Warner Brothers’ latest DC Comics superhero flick, “Green Lantern.”  He always gets the attention, even when he was starting out as one of three leads in the ABC series “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place.”  Yes, I did watch and love that show.

The “proposal” came by way of being tapped by a dying alien as his rightful successor as the Green Lantern for Sector 2814 (planet Earth) – “rightful” meaning that the ring chose him, Hal Jordan (Ryan’s character).  When Hal showed the Green Lantern ring to his friend Thomas, an engineer at Ferris Aircraft where Hal is a test pilot, the former quipped “He proposed?!”

I must’ve laughed so hard I almost fell off my seat.

And that actually sets the tone of the movie for me.  It wasn’t attempting to take itself seriously.  Yes, it is a superhero action movie, meant to introduce who Green Lantern is and where he came from.  But it didn’t lack the sense of humor that mirrors the very thing that eventually puts Hal Jordan head and shoulders above all the other 3599 green lanterns in the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps – his humanity.  In at least a couple of scenes – when he first attempted to activate the powers of the ring, when he wraps a birthday present in newspaper while negotiating the freeway, and when he demonstrates how he easily snaps into Green Lantern fighting form in a stance that brings the UP Oblation to mind – I gained a deeper appreciation for the Emerald Knight.

Ryan Reynolds is cast perfectly as Green Lantern.  He delivers his lines and moves his facial muscles in ways that, in some moments, evoked the geekiness that endeared him to viewers in his early TV show.  But at the same time, in his element as a Ferris Aircraft test pilot, he is cocky and has the demeanor that says, “I go against and beyond established rules.”  And I believed him.

Green Lantern, which opened in Metro Manila yesterday, is an awesome superhero sound-and-light action flick.  Blake Lively, Serene “S” Van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl fame, is cast as his love interest Carol Ferris, a fellow pilot and Ferris Aircraft Executive.  She is stunning in all her scenes.  The camera loves her face, which looks even more beautiful, framed by really dark brunette locks.

See Green Lantern and make sure not to leave immediately once the credits start to roll.



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