Back. So back.

12 09 2011

Scones (Plain and Cranberry), The Courtyard, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

I TRAINED my eyes, with regret, as I watched a huge chunk of tomato from my luscious marinara sauce go overboard from the tines of my dinner fork, and free fall to my brand new pair of Levi’s.

I didn’t care much about the jeans – I got it at half off anyway.  It was the tomato I pined for with much (there’s the R word again) regret.  That was when I knew how much I do love food.

And how much I love writing about it.

So, after a hiatus that took a good couple months, I’m back.  I’m sooo back.

And to all my readers, welcome back to eNTeNG’s MunchTime!  Singapore is the love.

Scones (Raisin and Cranberry), TWG Tea Salon & Boutique on the Bridge, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore




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