Afternoon delight

21 09 2011

Peekaboo... The freshly baked perfect scones – plain and cranberry – tease from underneath perfectly folded cotton napkins.

I’M THE first person to acknowledge the fact that many personalities make me up.  I mean, I could go profound and say I’m multi-faceted.  But I’d rather go straight to the point – many personalities make me up.

That’s the reason why I do believe that one person can have quite a few “best friends.”  Not just one, but not many either.  Just a few.  Each of them share with me a “world” that sometimes I was surprised to find out existed, something I got cognizant of only when they arrived – when they came into my life and arrested my collective consciousness.

Two of them are Friendship and Partner.  Each of them – totally independent of the other – has been sort of bugging me to consider moving to Singapore for a while now.  They were bugging me but not annoying me, allowing me to take my own sweet time.  The inevitable happened and I did find myself eventually having to move.

So it was just fitting for the three of us to come together and hang out.  Friendship does make wonderful plans, and she has had a stellar record in my book when it comes to her restaurant choices.  (We have yet to start on our “Miele Guide” restaurant tour.)  So when she asked, “Afternoon tea at The Fullerton Hotel on Saturday,” Partner and I, breathless in anticipation, could only say yes.

The Courtyard, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.


The imposing lobby dwarfed me.

Afternoon tea is particularly English and steeped in tradition.  And judging from its presence in restaurant and hotel menus here, it’s quite Singaporean too.

The Courtyard at The Fullerton Hotel – cavernous and imposing with its unbelievably high ceiling, lush indoor greenery, and glass roofing that let in natural light that bathed everything it touched with an ethereal glow – keeps this tradition alive by offering “something hot, something savory and something sweet” from Monday to Friday, 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

For something that’s meant to be a precursor to the main meal of a day, The Fullerton Hotel’s Afternoon Tea menu proves to be quite substantial, boasting a wide array of tea choices – all TWG! – with pastry towers that beautifully showcase a selection of savory sandwiches and sweet tea cakes.

Our first tower of savory and sweet treats!


Partner and Frienship were quick to spot their favorites from this wide array.

For my “something hot,” I asked for the Fruit Mountain, a fruit blend tea concoction that is “scattered with fresh flowers” and has a “honeyed aftertaste of exotic sweetness.”  My “something savory” turned out to be the scrumptious homemade scones – warm, creamy, flaky, and crumbly – with clotted cream that would melt and slide down the glistening crust.  And to put a sweet ending to a leisurely afternoon spent with real friends and amazing conversation, I felt that the chocolate macaron was the perfect “something sweet.”

My tea is served in a lovely pristine white tea cup with a gilded handle.


A choice between white and brown sugar cubes to sweeten the tea.


I stuffed myself crazy with these amazing homemade scones!


Ending on a sweet note with a chocolate macaron...

The hotel staff’s service was attentive without being invasive to personal space and the many conversations that were transpiring all at the same time.  And the best part?  They meant it when they said, “please ask for your favorites to be replenished.”

It came to the point when I would perfectly understand if they would have asked me if I was eating for two.  That, or telling me that they have run out of scones while not attempting to hide the fact that they would serve the same to other customers with the typical human appetite.  Hahaha!

A place to go back to – The Courtyard at The Fullerton Hotel



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