Rizzie et Solvil et Titus

26 09 2011

TRUST MY closest friends to know what makes me tick.  But for those not in the know, all they need to do is look at the timepiece on my wrist and the paunch that announces my presence even before I emerge from the stillness.

I love wristwatches and food.

So this text message from one of my best friends, the very lovely Rizzie, sure put a smile on my face.

A text message to smile about. "RizzieSG c",) : Hi eNTeNG! How are you? I bought a new wristwatch today. I remembered you. I'll send you a photo?"

And here is the subject of that exchange, and the lengthy conversation that ensued – her new time teller, Solvil et Titus in “Sapphire.”  Much like Rizzie’s sentiment, this brand is growing on me.  After all, it has a rich history that dates back to 1887, to a place touted as the historic birth place of the wristwatch industry.

"Sapphire" by Solvil et Titus, Rizzie's new bling =)

Rizzie purchasing this is like a celebrity endorsement in my book, totally throwing me off from this path that I’ve been taking, which is working towards the purchase of a German wristwatch with a Russian soul.

But Solvil et Titus is looking like a fabulous detour.

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