Awfully Chocolate

28 09 2011

Awfully Chocolate, ION ORCHARD, Singapore

ON MY list of next must-try places is Awfully Chocolate at ION ORCHARD.  They have an extensive handwritten menu on boards outside the store and on their wall that when I first read, made me feverish enough to convulse.  How could I not shiver upon reading a seeming culinary paradox as scrumptiously sounding as “cold poached chocolate”?

That may be fancy, but it was the sight of the seriously chocolate cupcakes that pushed me over the edge.  I got to go back.  Soon!

Care for cold poached chocolate, anyone?


Truffle cake! Kahlua bar! And the best? It's "chocolate by weight"!



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Build me up, Butter Cup

28 09 2011

I heart Ben & Jerry's


MY GROCERY list defies the basic food groups.

I’m not a chocoholic.  Definitely, not an alcoholic.  But I can put an Italian to shame with just how many pounds of pasta I go through in a year.  And I couldn’t imagine just how much more mee kia or u-mian I could gobble up if I were more Chinese than the 25% my mother is.

And oh, I scream for ice cream!  Sometimes the figure of speech takes form right on the aisles of Cold Storage that it’s such a shame.  It surely happens when they slash a couple dollars off of the usual selling price or when they put them on a two-for-one offer.  Hahaha!

I’ve loved Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from when I first had it inside a cinema in Folsom, California.  At the time, the ice cream bar was simply called “Cookie Dough”.  And yes, the sentimental me still have the now-eight-year-old box.

The box of the first Ben & Jerry's ice cream bar – the "Cookie Dough" – that I have ever devoured!

For last night’s dessert, I fancied the Peanut Butter Cup.  “Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups.”  Just repeating it overloads my senses.  I love peanut butter so much I’d eat anything slathered with it.

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream!


Sitting prettily in an ebony bowl, this ice cream is velvety smooth, and actually, not too sweet. Except when you munch on the peanut butter cups!



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Clams in ginger broth

28 09 2011

Clams in ginger broth

ONE OF the things that I look back to with much gratitude is that first time I was allowed to make dinner for the whole family… at just 10 years old.  Unsupervised.

For the first time, I felt empowered amidst pots, pans, utensils, and knives.  They say you never forget your first.  And this one, I absolutely won’t.  Whatever sense of independence I have in the kitchen, I owe to that moment.  I vividly recall even the details of the place setting I thoroughly fussed about.

That’s the reason why, if I miss something – both in the sense of suffering from the lack of or failing to experience – all I have to do is cook for myself.

Yesterday, I missed enjoying my favorite Chili Mussels at Casper Seafood.  So on my way home from work, I made a stop at the nearby supermarket to get live clams and whip up something.

I was so glad to get my hands on the last pack!


Clams are now clean and ready!

It was not chili clams I ended up making, but clams in ginger broth – from stove to tabletop in mere minutes – was all the comfort and nourishment I needed.

It goes without saying just how much this goes well with steamed white rice!



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