Going out to Play

4 10 2011

The sign that leads to a most coveted shirt!

“COMME des GARÇONS.”  I must’ve repeated it to the concierge at least a couple of times, and I knew I was saying it the right way.  I even elaborated on where the store is supposed to be located in their hotel.  But by the fourth time, I started to seriously doubt my feeble attempt at French.  I quickly organized my thoughts just in case I had to come up with a lame excuse for saying it the wrong way. “I’m an engineer, not a language major.  So please excuse my French.”

Before I could even roll “Comme” out of my tongue for yet one more time, another concierge approached us, politely cut through the conversation and said, “Excuse me, Sir.  I think you are referring to the Hilton.  This is the Hyatt.”

O–M–G.  Seriously, I’m filing this experience under the header of OMG.  Hahaha!

As if my embarrassment wasn’t enough, I had to break into a shy smile – more like force one from the corner of my lips until it felt comfortable to really turn up the corners of my mouth – and ask, “Where is the Hilton exactly?”

Note to self:  Give iPhone4 another try.  Maybe, it would be love at second sight.  Or more accurately, love at second touch.  (I’m not into touch screens).

Long story short, underneath the sweltering heat of the afternoon, and at the mercy of my anti-perspirant, I crossed the streets of Singapore to make it to the Comme des Garçons pocket store at The Shopping Gallery, Hilton Singapore.  I’ve been losing sleep (hahaha!) wanting to get my hands on their quirkily designed Play T-Shirts, the ones with their now-famous bug-eyed hearts.  Unfortunately, the one I really love wasn’t in my size.

Oh well, next time.  At least by then I won’t be making a total fool out of myself…  at the Hyatt of all places!

Welcome to The Shopping Gallery, Hilton Singapore.


I wanted to bring home those black-and-chrome sofa seats with me!


This door leads to the impeccably stylish interiors of the COMME des GARÇONS store at the Hilton.



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