It’s a date!

4 10 2011

SATURDAY MORNING rain was almost falling.  I wanted to steal some covers and share some skin.  Clouds were shrouding me in moments that could be made memorable.  I twisted to fit the mold that my sheets were in.

An overcast sky could make you want to steal some covers and share some skin...

I seriously needed a pick-me-upper.  And Adam Levine’s “Sunday Morning” playing on heavy rotation very early in a gloomy day presented a seeming conundrum.  Do I curl up and stay in bed?  Or get up, shower, and – much as I wished I could – go driving slow on the streets of Singapore.

I picked the latter option and headed off to my happy place, Orchard Road, defying the threat posed by an overcast sky.

Ben & Jerry's has an event!


Pretty girls manned the Ben & Jerry's booth.


To get a "Fair Coin," you had to perform the dare that you would draw from a box. I aced mine, "Say your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor backwards." Easy... Dough Cookie Chip Chocolate! Hahaha!


Sometimes it pays to play the game.


Because you would get a prize. Mine was one "Fair Coin."


Ben & Jerry's merchandise will be up for grabs at the event!

I don’t know if all this time I’ve been totally oblivious to outdoor promotions held on Orchard Road, but this one for Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest didn’t manage to pass me by.  C’mon, it’s ICE CREAM.  My favorite at that.  And come to think of it, very much along the line of what I headed to find that Saturday morning – something to pick me up.  I stopped, chit-chatted with Ben & Jerry’s quite lovely and pretty “scoopers” (I don’t know if that is even a valid, sensible word), participated in the games, and in the process, earned for myself one “Fair Coin” that I could use on the actual Chunk Fest event to purchase Ben & Jerry’s merchandise.  I have my eye on the shirt that says, “Peace, Love & Ice Cream.”  That, and the fact that Ben & Jerry’s is flying in 11 exclusive flavors, all the way for the USA, only for Singapore!

Ben & Jerry's give us Peace, Love, and Ice Cream. And the best of all three is...

Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest is on 15 October 2011, 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM, at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.  For more chunky details, visit them on Facebook at

I'm all for fairness! Couldn't wait for October 15!



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