An apple a day

6 10 2011

REMINDS US that we can make a difference and change this world.

It first struck me, sitting by my lonesome, while having a bowl of steaming hot noodle soup at FoodRepublic.  I noticed that the woman who takes my orders at the Formosa Delights counter, before going on her break, seemed to be performing a ritual.  She laid down on the table her bowl of food, a side of chili, a pair of chopsticks, a soup spoon, and – from out of her pocket – her iPhone4, prettily encased in pink.

She proceeded to eat with her left hand, and with her right hand’s index finger, went on to touch the screen of her phone, beginning with one smooth sliding motion.  In between bites, she would chuckle, and at some point, I think halfway through her bowl, she let out a suppressed guffaw on something that apparently necessitated voice-on-voice action.  She lifted her phone, boisterously laughed, and with a big smile, spoke to someone at the other end of the line, in Mandarin.

I thought to myself, probably family or someone very dear to her.

Steve Jobs might not have known who this woman is.  But I know he knew just how much he was able to touch so many people’s lives.  For this woman, it was the chance to really take a break from the backbreaking routine of taking people’s orders, handling payments, and dishing out food like clockwork.

Gone are the days when you would really need your passport to be with someone you love or miss terribly.  Nowadays, all you probably have to do is “slide to unlock.”

Batman said it perfectly in just two words.  Visionary.  Legend.

Friendship would always bug me by saying, “Steve Jobs wants you to use your iPhone4 and experience all that he put into it.”  She’s right.

An iPad2 on my lap, Changi International Airport, Singapore, July 2011



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