Hey Mister that’s a J.Co Donuts donut

10 10 2011

A J.Co Donuts & Coffee Tiramisu donut

I’M NOTORIOUS for nuking pastries beyond recognition, ending up with morsels unfit for human consumption.  I guess that by now, with all the Krispy Kreme that I had consumed, I would have perfected all that it takes to resuscitate a donut that has been away from the fryer far too long – “eight seconds on high.”

Which was exactly all the wait I had to endure – hawk-eyed at the rotary dial of the microwave – before I finally savored what my friends Raoul, Lence and Tenz claimed could rival Krispy Kreme.  In my books, that’s a tough claim to make.

What I got was one J.Co Donuts & Coffee Tiramisu donut.  It was the fried incarnation of the beloved Italian dessert made of ladyfingers soaked in espresso, layered with whipped mascarpone cheese, and dusted with cocoa.



I made sure I had coffee prepared before I attempted to make the first bite.

Visually, the donut appeared like a usual special donut I would get at any counter – dough fried to a golden color, generously slathered with a cream frosting.  I highly suspected this one to have a hint of cream cheese, and the specks of brown obviously paying homage to the dusting of cocoa.

But it was only when I sank my teeth into it to get my first bite that I realized I was really in for an amazing treat.  The dough itself was perfect, holding up its integrity after being heated through, its molecules agitated and excited.  The outer crust was delicate and the insides dense while still remaining soft, flaky and chewy in a very pleasing way.

But the ultimate surprise came in the white molten lava that oozed from the center of the donut.  It was rich, luscious, and quite sinful.  I quickly returned the donut on to the plate the moment the creaminess burst in my mouth and I watched as it continued to froth its way out.  Pristine white in its purity, it spread almost like a sauce against the ebony that was the plate on which the donut was nestled.

I didn't realize there's a surprise in the center!

I picked the donut back up, tore off a small piece, and proceeded to mop all the sauce that overflowed from within.  I espied a hint of vanilla and a little cinnamon.  I was in dessert heaven.

Once will never be enough. I've got to have my J.Co fix... and fast!



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One response

18 11 2011

J.Co is by far my favorite brand of donut. I like it more than Krispy Kreme.


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