Art at the train station

16 10 2011

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Mural

A THING of beauty is a joy forever.  Or, the cause for a momentary pause.

One evening, in yet another one of my relay-race moments, changing lines within the Singapore MRT system, I saw a mural that made me totally forget that I was, just minutes prior, running like crazy to make it to my appointment at the Esplanade Mall.

The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Mural is just so beautiful – breathtaking even.  It reminded me that even a mundane scene in everyday life, like chancing upon this mural on my first ever time on the Circle Line, could put a smile on your face.  And make you take your sweet time.

The Marker


The Olympic rings


The mural is all about friendship.




Some of the train stations here have amazing architecture.


I loved even this escalator ride.


I've been waiting for this!


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