Turning back the clock

16 10 2011

Casio Aluminum Solar Wristwatch

“TURN BACK The Clock” by Johnny Hates Jazz is one of those songs that I would sing everytime we’d have a program in school.  Or when I would be simply asked to entertain the class.  Now you know that I spent my cognitive and formative years drowned in highly synthesized music.

It’s the one song that instantly played in my head when I took one look at the Casio Aluminum Solar wristwatch at the very busy display of this unassuming store in Lucky Plaza.  It transported me to the time when I was juggling three Casio wristwatches – a Solar, a Data Bank, and a Classic – all the way through high school.  I stood there unmoved in front of the display but it felt like I had traveled through time.  The pun is intended.

The only reasonable thing to do was to get the watch.  For all the good times it could remind me of – not that I really needed something tangible to get reminded of a happy past – I’d got to have it.  I did.  And for the first time here in Singapore, I haggled my way to a purchase.

One of the wristwatches that bring me back.


Lovin' the all-stainless steel bracelet!


This is my "I-don't-give-a-damn" wristwatch.

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