Two princes and a pauper

16 10 2011

Two Princes! The TISSOT Heritage Prince I – the "Swirl" and the "Classic".

FROM THE moment I first laid eyes upon its face, I knew all my defenses had melted.  All it took was love at first sight, a one-stop train ride, and an overnight shipment to Eastern Watch at 313@somerset, for me to get my hands on the Tissot Heritage Prince I.

Tissot Heritage Prince I, the first dial design that I fell in love with.

Since then, whenever I would find myself in front of a Tissot counter at fine wristwatch stores, I would ask if I could look at the Heritage Prince I, coy about my intentions to buy.  I knew I wouldn’t end up in a compromising situation (wherein I would have to buy) because the watch model is not one that distributors have put on display.  It’s not one of their more popular styles.  But me, I love the curved body and the bold numbers on the dial.

I love the curved body and the bold numerals!

So when one finally did turn up to be “in store,” I had to tell my beating heart to be still.  One look at the face – this one has the numbers all in a “swirl” – and I knew I would lose sleep over making the decision to buy or not to buy.

The second dial design that I saw... and yes, loved too!


Lean on me...

I took my sweet time thinking.  But fascination and infatuation did win in the end.  If I had even the slightest iota of indecision – or the portent of the faintest hint of regret looming in the horizon – I would’ve surely pulled back my outstretched card-bearing hand.  I searched deep inside me for the words, “Sorry, but I changed my mind,” and the mortification that never came.

This wristwatch was first released in 1916.  In 1991, it was issued as a “re-edition” and called Tissot Classic Prince.  Now, it has incarnated to be the Tissot Heritage Prince I.

I'm definitely stacking these two on my wrist.


...And I did! My new Tissot Heritage Prince I debuted today.

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