Time off

20 10 2011

I KNOW exactly the point when I’ve become friends with someone.

I know it, when, upon bidding the cashier and cook at Formosa Delights a fond farewell right after devouring yet another bowl of their signature Tomato Noodle Soup (U-Mian), I had to tell them that they wouldn’t be seeing much of me for the next few days as I’m flying home for a few days’ respite.

The guy at the adjacent Fried Prawn Noodles stall couldn’t help but overhear our conversation that sounded very much like the kind between friends.  The cashier looked at him and said, “He’s my friend.”

She didn’t actually have to declare that in my presence or within my earshot.  I’ve known it all along.  I knew it from the very first time she called me “Darling” when I showed up at the end of the line at their storefront.

She can call me darling any time.  Anybody who shares with me great food and heartwarming conversation can call me darling any time.

Quite obviously, a bowl of my favorite Tomato Noodle Soup by Formosa Delights.


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2 responses

21 10 2011

Your “darling” is so sweet 🙂 This must have been your ultimate reason why you keep going back here (is this in Serangoon?), not to mention the great customer rapport your “darling” puts while serving you this hearty meal and oh wait she even knows how to do customer profiling!


21 10 2011

I am looking forward to blogs about food from home which you sorely missed and will have during your vacation. Have a great time with your family and friends!


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