Here and back

31 10 2011

TWO OF the smoothest landings I’ve ever experienced in my life as a traveler framed four and a half days I got to spend back home in the Philippines.  The landings were smooth that I felt the urged to applaud the pilot.  So smooth and actually, quite ironic.  I gazed out of the airplane window and recognized that inside I was a tumult of emotions.  Now on my fourth month in Singapore, I didn’t realize that on the third time of visiting home, I would find it quite difficult to come back.

I miss my family.  I always do.  We may have friendships that could last or have actually lasted us over a decade.  But it will always be only family who can love us unconditionally and make us feel that we do matter.  And because of that, everything that I do, I do for them.





















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One response

9 11 2011
Alexis Araneta

Hey there! I haven’t replied to you in the longest time!

You didn’t tell me you moved to Singapore! Haha! Well, I hope you’re having fun there…lah!

As for home comings, yes, I know getting to spend time with family and then having to go back to the Lion City must have been tough. I think I’d be the same when I have to move away from my lovely Manila.


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