Home is where the art is

3 11 2011

MY ELDEST and youngest brothers are the artists in the family.  Being the proverbial middle child, I was sorely in need of attention and would join the Art Clubs they were in just so I could have the sense that I belonged.  I would get recognition for my perfect attendance – but never for my actual artwork.  Hahaha!

My youngest brother eventually became an architect.  So he actually parlayed his love for the arts into something much grander – building amazing, functional, works of art.  Some of the most beautiful houses and high-rises I have ever seen are made by him.

Both of them made excellent portraits, one of my eldest brother’s, that of a first cousin, being my most favorite.  Until this painting came along twelve years ago.  I love the play of colors and how it being abstract is subject to the interpretation of the beholder’s eye.  I don’t remember when I started “claiming” it as my property.  I have just kept it in my room, not hung on the wall, but just propped up on the wall amidst stacks of magazines, beside movie posters, framed magazine and newspaper clippings, framed movie tickets, and empty bottles of perfume.

On my latest homecoming, I realized that it has found a more suitable place, hung on a newly painted wall in the living room.  It’s right where it belongs.

Twelve-year-old painting by my eldest brother


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