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7 11 2011

AFTER A dinner of a huge bowl of sliced raw fish noodle soup and a couple prata (Indian layered pancake) at Koufu behind my building, I decided to go to Fair Price Extra at Nex Mall in Serangoon to get – of all things! – discount sushi.  I knew that the SG$ 20.00 in my pocket would be enough.  I didn’t intend to splurge.  (Though twenty bucks would go quite far when a couple of dollars get slashed off of the regular prices of sushi sets.)

I particularly craved for sushi because I had plans to watch whatever would catch my fancy from the line-up of HBO On Demand, just before I would dig into the pint of Häagen-Dazs® Belgian Chocolate ice cream that has been sitting in the deep freeze.

With my mind preoccupied with thoughts of munching on vinegary plump Japanese rice, packed tight, topped with raw fish, barbecued eel or imitation crabstick, tied with a ribbon of nori, my eyes got distracted with images of wristwatches buzzing like neon in my head.  That sounded metaphorical, except that it was all too literal – wristwatch store names all lit up were arresting my collective consciousness through my iris.

I made one quick turn from the escalator landing – a pit stop I was all too willing to take from snatching five-dollar sushi sets – and what I intended to be leisurely window-shopping, turned into an actual purchase.

Finally debuting my new Ingersoll wristwatch, here worn with one of three Fossil leather bracelets I recently got.

Meet my new wrist showstopper – the Ingersoll Calibre 847 IN440 men’s automatic wristwatch with a very classic white dial.  It comes in a durable 47-mm case in all 316L stainless steel case with two crowns for the dual time zone display.  The dial is quite textured, almost with a guilloche feel to it, showing the bi-lateral movements for the two time zones with blue hour and minute hands.  Both have silvered hour markers, except for the Roman numerals for the 9 and 12 markers on the left dial where a sub-dial for seconds is also located.  The date aperture is on the right side, at the top, and at the bottom, an open display of the balance wheel.  The exhibition caseback and the double-deployment butterfly clasp with the Ingersoll logo engraved in laser complete the very clean, stylish look.

I’ve given it an initial mechanical wind of 10 turns and have worn it in the past eight hours to ensure it has built enough power reserve to last about 30 hours when I take it off.  But there’s a good chance it’s not going anywhere far from me for quite some time.

And it looks good on the wrist carrying discount sushi around.  Hahaha!

I had to shoot photos of my new baby even before I had to adjust the time and the date, knowing well enought the restriction in adjusting the date so as not to damage the mechanical movement.

I've long wanted a wristwatch with the balance wheel showing. Now I have one.

A closer look


I love the dual time feature – one for Manila and one for Singapore. Haha!


I love exhibition casebacks. This is my third wristwatch with such a feature.


Nice stamped black genuine leather strap with a double deployment butterfly clasp.

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On one of 105

7 11 2011

A can of Campbell's Tomato Juice all to myself.

I WAS so well taken care of by the ground and inflight crews of Singapore Airlines on my last flight back that I swear, I did feel staring at the precipice of falling in love.  One slight further nudge could have done me in.

When my agent made the internet check-in for me, they weren’t able to secure the seat I had been eyeing.  But I had them put a comment in.  And as it is always with “comments” or “special instructions,” nobody really cares about them.  So I had totally dismissed it from the get-go.

Check-in at the NAIA was a breeze.  And quite pleasantly full of surprises.  They let me go over my check-in baggage allowance.  That was not a first, though it was definitely something I would look forward to with breath that is bated and with fingers that are crossed.  But what was even more surprising was that they totally allowed, with a smile, my packed 12 boxes of honeyed banana chips and my couple of Starbucks paper bags full of Manila demitasse souvenir cups to be part of my carry-on.

At the boarding gate, I was greeted by someone with the line, “Are you Mr. eNTeNG™©’s MunchTime™©?  We got you your preferred seat.  Let me change your boarding pass, Sir.”  And by the time he said, “This way, Sir.  Let me accompany you,” to walk me to the front of the boarding area, I knew there was a point to taking all those SQ flights in the past.

On board the plane, the ultimate affirmation of Singapore Airlines’ excellent service took the best form that appeals to me – FOOD.  I had the most sumptuous Chicken with herb cream sauce, seasonal vegetables and potatoes and Chicken adobo Sa Gata (chicken braised in coconut cream) with yellow rice and vegetables.

I love it everytime the meal arrives! This is the dinner on my flight from Singapore to Manila.


Chicken with herb cream sauce, seasonal vegetables and potatoes


This piece of boneless, herbed chicken was so flavorful and tender!


Roasted herbed potatoes


Roasted vegetables – carrots, baby bok choy, and young corn.


Marinated Chinese seafood salad


The light meal on the Manila-to-Singapore flight finally lands on my tray.


I've started to ask for a second roll on my flights!


I love French butter!


I would tear the roll into pieces, each of which I smother with lots of the French butter.


Chicken adobo sa gata becomes fancy, served with fragrant yellow rice and vegetables.


This chicken dish was just so scrumptious!


Tomato and eggplant on the side


Chicken and pineapple salad


Chocolate truffle gateau for dessert

And between flying to Manila and back, a total of eight cans of Campbell’s Tomato Juice.

“Would you like apple juice or wine, Sir?”

“Do you have tomato juice?”

“Would you like a whole can to yourself?”  S–W–E–E–T.

There was Bloody Mary on the cocktail list. But I'd rather have just Campbell's Tomato Juice every single time!


It's time for dinner!

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