613 in 3 and a giveaway

10 11 2011

Meaningful wristwatches...

MONDAY, THE 14th of November 2011 marks the third year of this blog, eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  MunchTime™©.  For someone who said on his first ever post, “I don’t have high hopes for this blog.  I’ll take things nice and slow,” his efforts sure weren’t shabby at all.  To think that he didn’t even bother to change the default title wordpress.com gives to a first post – “Hello world!”

613 posts in three years.  That’s like roughly one post every other day.  And this was supposed to be just done on the side, while his career has always taken front and center.

eNTeNG  c”,)™© feels that three times – or three years – is the charm.  And is the time to express his gratitude to all those who have faithfully followed his corner in the connected world.  Those who have set aside minutes or even an hour of their busy work day to read what he has to say.

And how does he intend to express this gratitude?  Since he has always claimed here that the wristwatch is the ultimate material expression of his regard towards another person, he has decided to give away one of the timepieces in his current “Singapore collection.”

All you, his dear readers, have to do is… 

  1. Create an account here in wordpress.com by registering (click on the “Register” link under META on the right side of the page);
  2. Leave a comment on this post by answering the question, “What is your favorite post here on eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  MunchTime™©?”; and,
  3. Have a Philippines or Singapore address that he can ship to (so that means no P.O. Boxes).

Being able to write about one’s thoughts and actually have people who would care to read about them is quite precious.  eNTeNG c”,)™© thinks that it deserves to be rewarded with a sleek timepiece like the Ingersoll Calibre 847!

He shall reveal the process by which he shall select the winner.  Readers can send in their entries until 11:59 PM, 14 November 2011, Monday.


Copyright © 2011 by eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  MunchTime™©.  All rights reserved.




21 responses

10 11 2011

Congratulations for keeping your site updated… wow, 613 posts???!! I’d be honest, I haven’t read all of it and I only learned about your blogsite from Melai early this year. You have the first hand knowledge of all the changes that happened with our career lives and with that I haven’t had much time to read blogs, not even update my own 😦 I’m jealous of you… I wish I can at least reach a hundred posts… LOL!

Anyhoo, going back to the topic, my fave MunchTime post is the one posted on the 24th of Jan this year entitled Weekend with the Family. This particular post stuck bec I LOVED your brother’s design of your aunt’s resthouse!! LAVEEETT talga!!! LOL!!! I’ve been wanting to have a house of my own but accomplishing that may take a long time and a lot of fund-saving. I used to watch Urban Zone too (and I drool whenever I see other people’s beautiful houses) and I’d have to agree, your aunt’s house may as well have come out of that show 😉 Loved the interior design too!! Hmmm, when I do have the funds, you think I can “borrow” your brother to design my house? 😉


10 11 2011

hi enteng! did you say just one post? just one? really? well, I’ll be posting lots of it! 🙂

i started being a “fan” a couple of years back. I can’t remember exactly when or how? but from the first time that I read some your entries.. it just that.. “you got me!” and I’ve become a regular follower. It’s for this reason why i am having a hard time choosing just this “one” favorite blog entry. So, I have decided to grouped them by categories if you don’t mind.

For the love of FOOD: We share the same passion. I must say, I for eating and you for eating PLUS cooking. I sooo love Tinola so I must say, the “Convalescing with my chicken tinola” and “Chicken Tinola for the Soul”. It had come up to the point wherein I was actually so glad to see the Swanson Chicken Broth that you have mentioned in the grocery store! And of course, since I love sweets, I won’t let the “Peanut Butter Nutella. Eat. Pay. Love.” featuring Cupcakes by Sonja, that I wasn’t able to taste until now. Hehehe.. 🙂

Enteng Wears Prada.. and Adidas Samba.. and the green pair of Gola!: We both love shoes! I know that you have the Prada’s. I don’t have one… yet! I wasn’t able to dig in if you have an earlier entry on this. And the classic Adidas Samba! However, the passion for green shoes.. Oh my! I definitely envy the green Gola shoes on “Green Day”.

Watch me!: Yes. It is! “Ikaw na ang may Rolex!” Hahahahaha! I remember the MRT encounter that we had wherein I need to put your wrist super duper close to my eyes! And I was like “OMG!”. Hehehe.. So I gotta go for “Amazing Grays” wherein you featured your precious and not to mention “expensive” timepieces! And of course I can’t miss my favorite “Tag Heuer Aquaracer” which was featured on “Meaningful Five”.

Bookworm: Yes, the “The Continuing Secondhand Books Shopping Spree”! It wasn’t just the books… it was the “secondhand” thing that caught me! Which again made us somewhat on the same page! Heehehehe! Mabuhay ang Booksale! 🙂

Songbased Titles: I’ve noticed (and was fascinated) at how some of your titles relates to some song titles – “Authographs and Memories”, “Lemon Tree very pretty” and “Hey Mister that’s a J.Co Donuts donut”. These titles shows how much you love and appreciate music!

Batman FOREVER: Yah! We both have Batman! You -with the all-muscled-superhero and mine -with that small-midget-version. Common thing – they both are our “Someone to Watch Over Me”. I remembered that Batman is under “Twenty Minutes Before Take-off”.

Rubbing Elbows with the Stars: Pia Magalona’s tweets. Daphne Oseña-Paez blog entry! Ikaw na talaga! Entry “Over the Moon in 140 characters”. And I love the blog that Daphne had with your picture in it.

The Real You: “Gratitude”. It just shows how appreciative you are!

Sorry. It’s long and wordy. But you know that’s how I am. 🙂
Happy Third Anniv to eNTeNG c”,)™©’s MunchTime™©! More blogging year to come! 🙂


10 11 2011

among the 613 posts that you made, what really stuck to my mind is the one that you wrote which chronicles your journey from manila to singapore, with tears while boarding your SQ flight. since all of us are now OFW i can really relate to it…in my words: cryola pagaspas! good job enteng, 613 posts and counting..i promise i will spend more time reading this and try the tomato noodle soup from formosa delight 🙂


10 11 2011

En Teng, congratulation to your Blog’s 3rd year anniversary. Wow..I have to say you are really persistence. What I like about your blog is, it’s very colorful, very much full of your style. 2 main things I see in your blog: Foods, watches. Those pictures for the food look really yummy! I think those restaurant, cafe, shop should pay you for the advertisment! And..you sure you are going to give away your watch? Aren’t them all your much loved collection? Well, keep up your hobbit. Looking forward to more nice pictures and food introduction. ^_^


11 11 2011
Eyes Only

bossing enteng, not just one post…i like every post in which you call/give your friends superhero names… 🙂

ang tanong…sino ang favorite mong superhero?… hehehe…you don’t have to answer…in public 😀

congrats sa three years of blogging!

….biruin mo, umabot ng three years! hehehe! 😛

kwentuhan tayo when you’re back here in manila!


11 11 2011

I like ALL the food blogs. I like reading them while I eat, since my food ends up tasting better than they actually do.

I also live vicariously through all your purchases and travels, since my monetary resources are already “invested” on the brands David, Daniel and Alicia.

613? Wow! That is a lot. My heart skips a beat when I go to your site and I see a new post. No need to elaborate on the disappointment when you are on hiatus. 🙂

Take care, and keep on blogging..


11 11 2011
Michael Fisher

I liked your pictures of Sentosa in Singapore. I wish that I had made it out there when I was in Singapore. I will have to stay at Hotel Michael.

I guess I don’t qualify for the watch since I only have a USA address. Maybe you could leave me in the drawing, and then disqualify me after I win. Would be cool to know if I only lived in Philippines or Singapore I would be the proud new owner of an official eNTeNG watch.

Talk to you later.


13 11 2011


Three full years of good food, extravagant watches, great friends, and the best (and sometimes worst) of life. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but it has been this blog for you. You have a way with words that the way you compose and arrange them directly translates to your complete train of thought and you do it with a distinctive touch of class, style and elegance. Your eldest brother may have his painting, your youngest have his structural designs, you have your blog to be proud of. That’s art. That’s talent.

Dinner, dessert, a typhoon, and two new Superheroes. To remember better days…


13 11 2011

ur sooo back!!! and i’m glad u did it!! 🙂 hope to see more enthusiastics adventures in your life! keep posting your culinarian expertise! 🙂 i love and did try doing some of it 🙂 …congratz bez! it’s a long way to go….your journey will not stops here…


14 11 2011

Congratulations Enteng on your blog’s 3rd year anniversary! That is indeed an accomplishment. 🙂 I must say that reading your blog is very entertaining and how you describe the different foods you have tried makes me want to try them as well.

My favorite entry here is “Good Eats” where you gave out a list of good places to try out in SG. I can use that as a reference for places to try out 🙂

Keep all those blog entries coming!


14 11 2011

I know this comment is long overdue and so I wouldn’t allow this day to pass without me lodging my comments in your web log.

Happy 3rd blogiversary to you eNTeNG c”,)™© and your MunchTime™© blog.
Time flies really fast that in just 3 years you have posted a total of 613 substantive blog posts, that means an average of 204 posts per year, that’s approximately 17 blog posts per month! Not to mention those idle months when you’re not inspired to post your thoughts due to your not-so-good relocation in SG, but hey you’re back blogging and sharing those fine thoughts. Good job!

I like your post on the Micron bowling tournament entitled “Bowling for Kebab” thanks for supporting and cheering for our Team “I’m Bob”. “Making someone happy” also caught my attention, you are indeed thoughtful – big time! – for sure you made those people happy! What else, I must say the “Awfully Chocolate” made me drool, the chocolate cupcakes, cold poached chocolate and oh yeah thanks for treat, 2 scoops of delightful chocolate ice cream!

Again, congratulations to your 3rd year anniversary!
Keep on blogging. Keep on sharing those happy thoughts. Continue to celebrate good friendship with great food. Hoping for more years of blogging!


14 11 2011

Enteng, congrats for your 613 posts. I saw the number of hits in your site and woah… 15,952 across 149 countries. Good statistic! Keep the blog coming…
Apart from the food that you love, I like the watches that you post as well as your posts with your friends. It kinda gives your personal in-takes and out-takes from the world around you. It’s whats blogging is all about. In particular, I like the blogs that you do in our bkada lunches and dinner. Not only because I’m in that article but also, it shows you that you have wonderful friends around you. 🙂 I hope you reach your thousandth blog. By that time, you raffle your most expensive watch. hehehe joke. I also hope your blog reaches the most secluded place in the world — what is it? you tell me… hehe.


14 11 2011

wow enteng! 3 years is such a great milestone and i know you’ll go a long long way with your amazing talent in writing. congratulations :)…


14 11 2011

Enteng, congrats! 😀

I like your blog about ….

hahaha! 🙂


14 11 2011

Hi enteng, once u gave me the web address, i read about what u wrote. I’ve read about tomato noodle at NEX and also about the watches. To be honest, I’ve not read again because as you know that I am working shift and on the other hand I am also studying. Not because of not interesting of your blog but because of the busy schdule. I am really envy of you. You give the time for what you want to do and also share your likeness and experiments. That is really great. For eg, i have never heard about that tomato noodle 🙂 but i am good cook at tomato paste. I can find something new from your blog. Thank (P.S even i can’t collect the watches, i am also crazy on watch, Alexandre Christe sapphire, stainless steel super slim given by my husband is my favourite one)


14 11 2011

Hi Enteng,
Congratulations on your blog-aversary!
I like your entertaining write-ups with good pics. You’re good with what you’re doing and I admire you for that. Keep them coming!
As promised, here’s the mix of your favorite songs. I guess this is the best time to give it to you. =P

*Enteng’s Playlist Mix:
Edge of Glory, Teenage Dream, Super Bass, Judas, On The Floor, and Firework.

Link: http://cl.ly/BnHZ

As for my favorite entry, i like “This DJ keeps playing my song” Haha!


– Raoul


15 11 2011

Congrats bro, I have no particular love for watch but looks like you have quite a collections! to me a good watch is it must look good of course (best if they glow at night so I could see time without pull out my hp), then kinetic type so I do not need to wind it, then perpetual calender so I don’t have to adj the day every other month :p
Love your passion for good food and knowing you also do cooking, you must join us in our Dec BBQ at my place since last time you miss out the opportunity! Will send out separate email to confirm the date that all could attend.


15 11 2011

Hi Enteng (or should I call you Vincent?),

I like Vincent, heard about Aiza’s remake of this song? The said song fit’s your personality very well. It’s smooth, soothing, meaningful, serine and lastly colorful. Do I need to elaborate?  I believe that’s enough. That’s how I know and best describe you. Words can speak by themselves.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of blogging. But me being a wide reader, I slowly and respectfully appreciate what other people’s views. I’m into news, sport and family related article. And that’s where we connect. Your blogs that talks about shoes, watches and families got my FULL attention. FULL in big letters to emphasize my genuine interest. Of the 3, Family comes first. We’re both working in foreign land and for sure our mind and hearts are longing for our families presence. An enormous sacrifice for the sake of their future. A great physical and emotional torture but rewarding when you see your love ones simple smile.

Christmas is fast approaching…time for Family Gathering! I’m pretty much sure You’ll have a great one! Give it a Blast!!! And thou shall never forget to BLOG!!! Whew, hopefully it rhymes! 😀

I heard this line a couple of times before, “1 is enough, 2 is too much and 3 is a crowd” 3 years of blogging! 4, 5…? Who minds? Keep it coming!




15 11 2011

Hi Enteng,

I was so shocked when I learned that your blog is already 3 years.. Wooowww…Congrats… heheh, since I just knew your blog last year.

By the way, your blog is very interesting mostly because I’m a food lover… everytime I saw pictures of different dishes on your blog, it causes cravings to me..

Once again, congrats… cause more cravings to your blog followers.. heheh

Dont forget to use your chopsticks 🙂


15 11 2011

For me: Egg Salad Pandesal… ummmm… yummy.. 🙂


15 11 2011

what, i’m late to post for the contest?! dang, i need a watch! hahaha 😀

the articles and photos are delightful. more power, enteng!


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