The rest is still unwritten

15 11 2011

I MUST’VE done all the staying up late that I could, enough to see me through the coming New Year’s Eve.  I’m all caught up in this little blog anniversary giveaway I have going for a few days now.  Finally, the contest is closed.

Twenty commenters (is that a valid word?) left really heartwarming and encouraging words.  They made me gain a deeper realization of why I had decided to do this in the first place.

Three years of chronicling life that has evolved along with the appreciation of timepieces, good food, and the company of real and trustworthy friends is no joke.  It was a period that opened my eyes to the stark and sometimes brutal reality that you will not always have time on your side, that you may go hungry, and that there are things that will get in the way of friendships.

But life has gone on.  I’m still standing.  And I’m quite grateful and appreciative of all the good that has come my way.  And of all the lessons I have learned from the bad.  There is more in and to this life that ought to be shared.

To the people who read this blog, thank you.  To the people who have been sharing with me the lunch hour – clearly the only time that could pull me away from all the demands of my work – thank you.  To the people who share with me their food (you know who you are), thank you.

Thank you.

Twenty people left wonderful comments! One of you is going to give my Ingersoll Calibre 847 a new home. You will know within the day!


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6 responses

15 11 2011

You have a way with words. Your experiences become more magical, the food more delicious, friendships sweeter, friendsore precious as your story unfolds.

Thank YOU for the blog. Thanks for sharing.


15 11 2011

Friends MORE precious is what I meant to say. A typo spoiled it!


15 11 2011

Nice handwriting Enteng!


15 11 2011

Maybe, I should be the one thanking you for this lovely blog! Your passion for life — food, watches, people (most of all) — reflects in the way you write. It’s an honour to be your reader.

PS: As usual, why is your handwriting so lovely?!


15 11 2011

As always, you had a way to thank and appreciate people.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your moments with us. 🙂 More blogging years to come! 🙂


18 11 2011

Very nice handwriting!


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