And the eNTeNG wristwatch goes to…

17 11 2011

“DXPG,” MY good friend Darryl!

I decided to conduct the lucky draw over lunch of Hainanese chicken, chicken rice, steamed kailan with oyster sauce, breaded tofu, and prawn cakes at Boon Tong Kee last Tuesday, the 15th of November 2011.  The honorary Filipina, Kwai Han, drew out the lucky name from a Starbucks® paper bag that had all the names written on identical sheets of paper.

Kwai Han, the honorary Filipina, makes the "lucky draw"!


"I got it!"


Darryl wins!


It's two thumbs up from Kwai Han!

Overwhelmed by the response I got about what was simply waxing nostalgic about my blog turning three years old, I had the urge to make it twice the fun.  So here’s another winner, drawn by one of the lovely wait staff of the restaurant.

We have another winner!

And it is none other than…  Therese!  (Therese – Is there anything in particular that you want?  Christmas is fast approaching…)

It's Therese!


Therese and the chicken rice!


This time, Therese, chicken rice, and ice-cold barley.

Again, thank you very much for the time you spend reading my thoughts.  I appreciate it a lot.


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5 responses

17 11 2011

Congratulation to the winners 😀


17 11 2011

Ha Ha Ha. One serving of Hainanese Chicken, please!

Your blog is a gift in itself. I am touched by your sweet gesture. I hope you will come by and visit us soon. I hope to join you in one of your food trips.


17 11 2011

I agree with Therese here. This blog is a gift to all of us. It’s been an honour reading your foodie escapades made even sweeter with people.

And congratulations to Therese and Daryl!


11 12 2011
Michael Fisher

Congratulations! I am glad the watch went to someone who was present at the drawing. Never fun when the winner is not there. Thanks also for including me and changing the rules, so I had a chance!


15 12 2011

You know that if I could, everybody would’ve won. Hahaha! I hope all’s well with you and the family, always.


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