P.S. I love you

19 11 2011

Three Cheese Penne, PS. Café, Paragon Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore

I’VE LONG been in search of the perfect macaroni and cheese.  Here in Singapore.

With all due respect to that familiar blue box that I’ve loved for the longest time, sometimes, what I long for is macaroni and cheese made the old-fashioned way.

I’m taking about starting with a roux of butter and flour, cooked just enough so that the flour is toasty before whole milk – that has first been simmered to the point that a skin has formed on top – is added.  A few minutes over low fire and the sauce will have thickened, at which point it can be seasoned with a pinch of cayenne pepper and a few scrapes of nutmeg on a microplane.  It will be taken off of the fire before at least two cheeses will be added.  I’m thinking Gruyère and cheddar.

Then, to this sauce will be added perfectly cooked penne, and in the context of the macaroni and cheese on my mind, “perfectly” means a couple of minutes under what the package instructions tell you.  Everything will be mixed well so that the sauce coats every single piece of pasta.  This is now ready to be tipped over on to a large baking dish, and then topped with more cheese.

Into the oven it will go where the inside will get even creamier, as the top gets to a golden brown color.  The sauce and the cheese will bubble over.  And that’s when it is ready to make it to the table.

That’s when it is ready to be devoured by me.  And that was exactly the image in my head as I waited there, at a corner table at PS. Café at Paragon Mall on Orchard.

And how was PS. Café’s “Three Cheese Penne”?  I sum it all up with, P.S. … I love you.

The macaroni and cheese is served with a side salad of baby greens, highlighted with sections of a Valencia orange.

I washed everything down with a tall glass of Iced Moroccan Mint Tea.

Apart from the iced Moroccan mint tea, I enjoyed the restaurant's water. It is "spiked" with slices of cucumber, lemon, carrot, and sprigs of mint.

Everything in this water is meant to "cool" it down.

I saw "Triple Cheese Penne" on the menu and didn't have to read any further!

PS. Café at Paragon has both an indoor dining section and this kiosk that overlooks the heart of the mall.

I love how Paragon went with this upside down Christmas Tree to be the focal point of their holiday decor.

Paragon Mall on Orchard Road has dressed up for the season!

Chicken Tau Kwa, Paragon Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore. This was The Boy Wonder's dinner.

So, who's the "Boss"?

Great company makes a sumptuous dinner amazing. Here, with Partner.

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