New baby in check

25 11 2011

Something from Burberry

EIGHT YEARS is a long enough wait to finally give in to the lure of the check.  The Burberry check, that is.

I first saw a Burberry wristwatch in the States and while I do remember falling for the clean lines of the dial and the all-stainless steel bracelet, I’d never forget that prudent hesitation ruled.

But I guess I could only resist the haunting images of the brand’s signature tartan pattern for so long.  Ever since coming here in Singapore, I’ve been meaning to snag a Burberry wristwatch.  The one with the check strap in sturdy coated canvas, lined with leather trim.

It took a lot of convincing myself to finally get one, especially since I’ve sort of started to move towards automatic wristwatches – Burberry only makes them in quartz – but the fact that they’re Swiss Made was all that I needed to know.

I’ve been here in the island five months, and every time I would pass by Burberry in ION Orchard, I would check if they had the wristwatch in stock.  I’ve never been lucky.

Well, until last Sunday when I met up with Partner and The Boy Wonder.

All we wanted to do was pass by Louis Vuitton when my peripheral vision caught the undeniable countenance of criss-crossed bands of British provenance.  Burberry!

“Partner, I’ll just make one quick check.”

After “one quick check” Partner and I stepped out of the store with matching wristwatches.  Finally.  Sometimes, things happen when they are really meant to be.

One more item gets crossed on my list.  Burberry wristwatch?  Check!

Another one joins the pile!


Untying the ribbon...


The Burberry paper bag and box alone are so nice!


The leather watch case is stamped with the name of the iconic British luxury house.


The reveal


I couldn't help but fall in love with the wristwatch face, with the asymetrically laid out Burberry check.


The Burberry check on the strap


A tight shot of the buckle...


...and of the crown!


Center of attention


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4 responses

25 11 2011

I am sooo loving mine! Thanks again, partner for the very pretty watch. I’m wearing it today 🙂


6 12 2011

I love! very sophisticated!


6 12 2011

When I first saw the gift wrapped..and while I read on your text, in my mind, it it! open it! open it! Then when more pictures shown with first the ribbon, then the box…I goes, ‘I want to see the watch, I want to see the watch!’ I eagerly scroll down…then finally I saw the real thing! Wow, it’s gorgeous!! I specially like the strip! Wear it one day to show me!


27 07 2012

nice watch~


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