Three in place of one

10 12 2011

Beef Tenderloin Cubes sautéed in Olive Oil and Garlic, Octapas, Clarke Quay, Singapore

ONE OF the best things about being single and alone is that how I use my time is not at the mercy of somebody else.  Especially when my head is about to hit the bed – I don’t really use pillows – and suddenly I realize, “Gosh, I’m hungry.”

That’s the point when I would go fling the refrigerator door open.  Or, like this one Friday night, I would hop on the MRT and go where it would lead me.  This particular night, I had to realize Bak Kut Teh dreams that just wouldn’t let up.

But the realization had to be put off for another night.  Especially when I had the door literally shut on my face.  “It’s past 10:00 PM.  We’re closed.”  When they felt that I wasn’t moving from where I was standing, they had to send someone else out to tell me, “We’re closed.  No more soup.  No more pork ribs.”  I had to laugh a little and tell myself that that was one of the downsides of being single and alone, nobody tells you you’re late.  Hahaha!

Oh, Song Fa... Maybe next time.


“We’re closed. No more soup. No more pork ribs.”


Song Fa has another section that's air-conditioned. They'd ask you if you'd want to be seated there. I took a snap of this because the sign is right beside one that sounded so... haute couture.


The sign right above the air-conditioned seating area.

So to salvage what was fast becoming to be a total bust of an evening, I had to take snaps of Song Fa Bak Kut Teh.  At least I had to take back with me concrete reminders that most establishments close at 10:00 PM here in Singapore.

I turned around, ready to cross the street back to the MRT station when I saw the sign, “Riverwalk Tandoor.”  The night didn’t have to be a total bust after all.  I sure had the appetite that a dinner buffet spread could satiate.

Yes, could satiate.  “Could,” being the operative word.  Because the very moment I stood up, I didn’t feel as stuffed after two rounds of chicken tandoori, ketchup fish, saffron rice, naan, and dal.

A couple of rounds at Riverwalk Tandoor


Saffron Rice, Ketchup Fish, Chicken Tandoori.


Chicken Tandoori


Ketchup Fish


Saffron Rice




A tight shot of the yummy naan


Mango Pudding

I crossed the street and knew exactly where I wanted to go – Octapas in Clarke Quay.  Only on my second time at the place – Friendship introduced me to it – I’ve already made a veritable list of favorites.  Just the Sautéed Mushrooms in Sherry & Garlic, and Beef Tenderloin Cubes sautéed in Olive Oil and Garlic, actually.  And for an added kick to a sumptuous spread, I asked for Mamas Mojito.

Garlic Bread


Beef Tenderloin Cubes sautéed in Olive Oil and Garlic


Sautéed Mushrooms in Sherry & Garlic


Mamas Mojito, a concoction of fresh lime and mint leaves muddled with brown sugar and rum.

So the night wasn’t turning into a total bust after all.  And just for good measure, just to go into overdrive, I knew I had got to have dessert.  One turn, far from the maddening Clarke Quay crowd, and I found myself at The Coffee Club.  Their French Macarons and Blended Chocolate Hazelnut drink were – to borrow a new friend’s expression – the bomb!

French Macarons by The Coffee Club


I asked for this set just because of this one... the Hazelnut!


This one was so yummy.


Ice-blended Chocolate Hazelnut Drink


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11 12 2011

The macaroons look yummo! *vows to pop by Bizu one day to get her own fix*


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