Big Breakfast

11 12 2011

Breakfast with great friends Darryl and Brenda

AT THE rate I’m chomping down McDonald’s Breakfast Deluxe, even I myself have started to think that I’m nurturing documentary filmmaker dreams (read:  “Supersize Me”).

Which actually surprises me because I’ve been here in the Lion City five months and the first time I’ve been to a McDonald’s was just three weeks back, on my way to work on a Saturday.  Well, not actually first since on the night I arrived – fresh from the airport – my good friend Jack brought me to the one nearest his flat, where I got a really tall cup of Iced Jasmine Green Tea.  It was just a drink so that doesn’t really count.  We’re talking serious chowing down here.

McDonald’s is all about remembered flavors.  But the meals I have had lately seemed better than I remembered McDonald’s to be.  (In college, I’d save up my week’s allowance so that I could treat myself to a couple of trips to the branch within those hallowed walls of Old Manila.)

I just couldn’t get enough of the Breakfast Deluxe – the really light and fluffy scrambled eggs (how do they make them that way?), the really light and fluffy pancakes (again, how do they make them that way?), the sausage that I’d slap on perfectly toasty slices of English muffin, and the crisp-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside hash brown.

Last week, when one of my closest couple-friends Brenda and Darryl gave me a call for breakfast at the one nearest our places; I couldn’t help but feel so well taken care of.  Breakfast and great friends – what could be any better?

Oh, the realization that we all look great even when fresh out of bed.  Hahaha!

McDonald's Breakfast Deluxe, exactly what I've been having as of late!


Light and fluffy scrambled eggs!


Don't forget about the pancakes, the English muffin, and the hash brown!


Didn't I say that the English muffin was perfect?


What I had for breakfast, 10 December 2011... A McDonald's Big Breakfast and a separate order of three pancakes!


Three pancakes all in a row.


"M" is for "Mmm... good..."


Bagong gising! Hahaha!


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