Random wristwatches from observation

11 12 2011

Longines on the MRT. It was quite surprising to see such a classic-looking timepiece on the wrist of a teenager. Very old school but it worked!

MY ELDEST brother, who served as Editor-In-Chief of the High School and College paper I also eventually became Editor-In-Chief of, always carried with him a tickler he called “Random Thoughts and Observations.”

I think nowadays I carry a similar one in my head, only thing is, it’s all about the wristwatches I see on the men and women on the street.  And I’m quite surprised that I’ve been so bold as to strike up conversations with these people and ask them if I could photograph their timepieces.  I’m even more surprised that all of the people I’ve spoken to so far – on the MRT, in the mall, on the street – have been so accommodating.

Some of these pieces even went on to inspire my recent purchases.  See what randomness can do!

Burberry. I asked the guy wearing this where he got it (this was right around the time that the ION Orchard store still didn't carry the ones with the coated canvas check strap). His reply? "Oh, Russia."


I instantly wanted to buy this off of the owner's wrist. If only I had the money! Bwahahaha!


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