Sidewalks dressed in holiday style

11 12 2011

It's a gold-and-blue Christmas Tree for Paragon Mall. (I was there that night when they were putting this one up!)


THE SIDEWALKS paved in luxury just got dressed in holiday style.

One tradition that I’ve kept with best friend Batman is checking out the Christmas décor in the malls once they’ve been put up.  Greenbelt and The Podium have been usual destinations.  But now that we’re at different distances from the equator, I’d have to observe this fairly young tradition on my own.

Finally, I was able to stuff my old, beaten, yet still trusty Canon IXUS 860IS into my bag and snap shots of Orchard Road.

“See the sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style.”

This photo doesn't do justice to just how beautiful these blue lights are.


Mandarin Gallery in red...


...then in green.


Takashimaya S.C. is lit in Swarovski!


Even Gucci is awashed in gold and blue.


Tang's went for the gold, so to speak.


I saw this décor and instantly heard a blast from the past. "Ladies and gentlemen, Spandau Ballet... You are gold!" Hehehe...


Takashimaya S.C. is having a Blue Christmas.


This Christmas Tree is H-U-G-E!!! It almost reaches the mall's ceiling. And it's tall ceiling!


Inside Paragon Mall, this Christmas Tree hangs from the ceiling.


Probably, Paragon Mall thought just how the holidays could turn people upside down.


Me and the Paragon Christmas Tree


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One response

11 12 2011

One day, I’d love to see Singapore lights like so too.

Merry Christmas from slightly higher above the equator than you!


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