So this is how it feels

14 12 2011

If there's any doubt as to the provenance of the white shopping bag, this ribbon helps take care of it.

ALL THIS time, I thought that I’ve got the art of pulling a surprise down pat.  I have believed that nobody would be able to pull one on me.  Well, until yesterday.

It started with an invitation to an “emergency” meeting to discuss some late-breaking feedback on the event the committee I’m chairing just threw.  Even when it had the line, “Especially you eNTeNG, we need your insight,” I didn’t suspect something was up.  If anything at all, it sort of bothered me and actually threw me off a bit from the many tasks that I had lined up for the day.  I was trying to think what could’ve gotten wrong that needed mending.

I tried to pry by way of Instant Messaging and asked for “clues” if the actual matter couldn’t be discussed virtually.  It came to the point of asking if it was something “good” or “bad.”  “Do you think I will call an urgent meeting if it was good?”  At that point I was almost restless.

The two words “command responsibility” kept buzzing like neon in my head.

The appointed time came and the couple of follow up calls asking where I was just further impressed upon me that I needed to drop everything I was doing and make time for this meeting.

I walked through the door and saw everyone quietly seated and patiently waiting.  I can’t remember if I opened by asking, “Okay, what’s the problem?”

All I can remember right now was that they said that nothing was wrong and that they were there to give me something.  Actually, some things.

They brought out a bag full of camera accessories.  We had lunch together last week and they must’ve probably noticed that I would almost always end up not in the photos because I would be the one taking them.  “There’s a tripod in there,” I can still hear one of them saying.  And then one by one he brought out a dust buster cleaning set, an extra battery, a memory card, and a carrying case.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up pulling a rabbit out of the bag.

What was happening still didn’t dawn on me.  My head was still processing the sense of relief over the fact that nothing was wrong.  I don’t know if my face was blank.  But I know I was staring at the things they brought before me.  But I couldn’t say a word.

Then they said they had a “real” gift for me.  It was something in a Dior shopping bag.  At this point, I could feel a lump form in my throat.  I couldn’t speak.  The “powerful” voice that others had complimented me on days before was nowhere to be heard.

Seriously, one of the best shopping bags ever. It almost has the luxurious feel of exotic leather.


If I understand it correctly, the girlfriend of my committee member who took charge of getting this gift knows someone at the ION Orchard store. So they were able to make special arrangements, including the use of this really wonderful gift box. The box alone is a gift in itself!


Box and ribbon... lovely stuff.


I kept taking photos of the box. If I could, I would have left it unopened forever.


Just like the paper bag, the box has this luxurious feel of exotic leather.


Dior and Dior


Pulled the ribbon loops...


Finally, the ribbon is unraveled.


I so love love L-O-V-E this gift! The fit is perfect. I can't wait to wear it!!!

I felt so overwhelmed hearing some of them speak words of appreciation about having me as their committee chair that I still couldn’t speak.  I attempted to, but I realized I really couldn’t.

That’s when they handed me their ultimate gift.  It came in the form of a “property pass,” a card issued at the front desk for packages deposited for safekeeping.  It was for a SONY NEX-5D Double Lens camera kit.  S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y?  “And here’s a card for you from all of us.”

They said it even through the gift wrapper. Sweet =)


Two boxes to make anybody feel to be somebody loved.


I've never had a camera with a detachable lens. So this is my first.


I'm really lovin' the look of this camera. I was told it has had great reviews!


They said they got me this for my blog. Again, sweet =)


I can't wait to use this!!! I've got to name this camera!


This is the card they gave me.


Sometimes all it takes is one word...


I will never forget how they made me feel. (The balloons at our last event were my idea. So drawing them on the card was a touching gesture.)


They made me feel so good that nothing could put a damper on the rest of my day. I was, to quote one of them, "on a high."

So this is how it feelsI had to write them a letter.  I love all eleven of them for how good they made me feel.  They didn’t have to.  But they did anyway.

I can’t say thank you enough – K, W, W, and T…


...and T, Y, W, V, and K. As well as J and K.


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12 responses

14 12 2011

Haha! Reading this made me think about how everything went down yesterday!


14 12 2011

Well, what else can I say?! You’re the man! I couldn’t call your bluff. I didn’t even know it was one. Haha! Thanks for all of your (you and the other ten’s) efforts to put this surprise together. You should’ve already read my letter to all of you… so you know exactly what is going on in my head right now. Awesome!!!


21 12 2011

btw, the card was done by my gf. my handwriting isnt that nice. haha


14 12 2011

so sweet of them enteng.. 🙂 glad u belong to a wonderful team 🙂


14 12 2011

It’s a wonderful team indeed. I could only hope for the same for my friends.


14 12 2011

Wow nice gifts from your new found friends! I’m interested on what name you you will give to your new cam 🙂


14 12 2011

Im glad that u have a new circle of great co-workers and friends in SG …u deserved it! Missed u …take care 🙂


14 12 2011

I’m so glad too, Ms. Jo! I feel so fortunate to have met them.


14 12 2011

Reading this was enough to make me smile and go breathless. They were so sweet.

Then again, you’re a wonderful person and you deserve it!


14 12 2011

Hi Toni (Haha!)… Yeah, they were so sweet. I’ve never been so overwhelmed all my life. I feel like I’m on Cloud 9 or something. They’ve been treating me so well. I couldn’t ask for a better set of 11 people to be in a committee with me.


15 12 2011

You still insist on calling me Toni, aye?! Oh well! I’ll indulge you! Haha!

Again, I think you deserve it!


17 12 2011

may opening pa ba sa team nyo?! 😛


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