I won’t be home

24 12 2011

"Starbright, first star I see tonight, could you or would you please shine your light..." ...A Star from the Brendarryl Christmas Tree 2011

I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, the song, is one Christmas tune I have a sweet spot for.  As a member of the Honor Society in college, we would have annual Christmas caroling at our alumni’s homes and after all the jingle bells and sleigh bells had been rung, the “choir” would clear the floor to leave me and the guitarist for my solo spot.  Yes, I’ll Be Home For Christmas was my solo spot.

This year, I wouldn’t be singing the tune, as I’m here in the Lion City.

Not to fret because I’ve always believed that home is where the heart is.  And I know where mine is.

“It’s comforting to know, the ones you really love are always in your heart.  And if you’re very lucky…  a plane ride away.”


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2 responses

24 12 2011

Merry Christmas, Enteng! Those of us here on the northern end of the Tropic of Cancer miss you. You’d always be with us in heart, though!

Yes, we’re just a plane ride away!


25 12 2011

Merry Christmas Enteng! Sayang we will miss u in Cindy’s wedding and HR/Finance et al reunion as well. Enjoy your 1st Christmas in the Lion City.


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