The perfect presents

29 12 2011

Nothing like polka dots to usher in an auspicious beginning for the coming year.

WHILE I maintain that the best reason for giving is for no reason at all – amidst all the countless reasons under the sky as to why – I couldn’t help but feel really thankful for getting a ton of presents this Christmas 2011.  I never knew I could be overjoyed too.  The odds said improbable.  But what do I know?

I guess all I needed was a chance to feel this way.

Each present, I honestly love.  And on each was attached the antithesis of what our modern-day relationships have been reduced to – a series of facebook status updates and 140-character tweets – the handwritten note.

I write this right now, at 2:33 AM, surrounded by these presents, each of which appeals to a facet of my personality and is able to capture my being child-like sometimes, my passion for cooking, my love for scents, my being practical, and my stark simplicity.  A couple of them ignited a love for Belgian chocolates I never knew had been pent-up inside of me, waiting to bubble over.

In this pile is the fulfillment of my wish list.  And somewhere here is a gift that, just like me, has a lot of goodies to give away.  (I mean, I try to share goodies as much as I can.)

Most of the gifts I received this year

And trust the power of unexpected gifts to make you change your mind over something.  I’ve long resolved not to replace my worn-out, weather-beaten leather wallet until it literally falls apart, threads unraveling required.

But as I write, I’ve kissed that seeming unbreakable personal injunction goodbye.  And this is so not me to say, but, I love the smell of calf leather.

To all of those who had me on their lists this year, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  To quote one note I received, “Give and it will be given back to you.”

This gift came all the way from Taiwan!

All piled up.


This card said "Bubbly Greetings!"


I love receiving notes, like this one. I actually keep all that I get. Sometimes, they outlast the actual gifts.


I've been reading this and re-reading... Sweet.


Thanks for the well-wishes!


It didn't have to be "branded" but this was a fulfillment of a wish list item.


Such a lovely couple. They've been sort of taking care of me ever since I moved to Singapore.


I emceed their wedding reception and we've been great friends ever since!


Gift from the 4 J's


Something from someone who always makes fun of me... and my tummy! Haha!


From someone who always asks the tough questions! Haha!


From someone I've known from all the way back, and became really close friends with here in Singapore.


This couple gave me my first home in Singapore. That is something I will never forget.


Thanks for yours too!


"Give and it will be given back to you."

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