7 01 2012

Don't you just love neighbors who love to put on a show? My favorite was actually the one that seemed to cover the sky directly above our house in fireworks that lasted for about a couple of minutes.

I COULDN’T be any happier in recent memory than when I took that 9:40 AM Singapore Airlines flight to Manila on the 31st of December 2011.  That alone assured me that it would be a happy new year.

Seven days into this new year – a full-packed four days back home, sandwiched in there – I greet you all, “A Happy 2012!”

My luggage – I’d probably post something about that later on (haha!) – only managed to squeeze in a few pieces of clothing.  But I made sure that “the Dior” was in it.  It was the one that I chose to be wearing the moment the clock would’ve struck twelve.  And it made it to my official new year’s message which I sent to everybody I know all over the world, “Dressed in my favorite (and only) Dior, I greet you on this eve…”

Happy New Year!

It sure was nice to be able to go back home for the holidays, even for a few days.


I've worn this twice already and am having it put away for future special use. Hehe.






Happy New Year!

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