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7 01 2012

Parker pen and Ferrero Rocher

I JUST love how most, if not all, of the gifts I received for this past holiday season were “so me,” so eNTeNG in a way.  When the gift-giver gets you, that in itself is the gift already.

On the morning of the last working day of 2011 (30th of December), I was so surprised to find on my desk the gift of a Parker pen and Ferrero Rocher chocolate.  Nice, I said to myself.  This person knows exactly that I’m my own crusader to keep the art of handwriting alive, and that I enjoy popping into my mouth one or a couple of spherical chocolate sweets that ensconce in its center a whole roasted hazelnut enveloped in hazelnut cream, then encased in wafer, before being smothered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

It wasn’t easy to figure out who the giver was, and I was reduced to asking my cubicle mates if they saw who left the gift.  Good thing that as I scrolled down through my swamped inbox, there it was, the shy gift giver’s e-Mail one of them had predicted.

I had to immediately reply, especially since I couldn’t wait to let the giver know that just a couple of days back, I found myself fixing the Parker pen display at Popular Book Store with a longing, almost unwilling-to-let-go stare, as in my head ensued the debate whether to buy or not to buy.  I didn’t buy because, as it is the case, I penny-pinch when it comes to me.  Hahaha!  Well, except when it comes to timepieces.  Hahaha!

I love a handwritten element to a gift, be it a short note or just my name in the giver's penmanship.

I must’ve sounded so over-the-moon in my reply, even mentioning how the pen will go perfectly with my Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers Rare Print in white.  How couldn’t I?  It’s the one thing at the moment that I knew I really wanted.  The giver said it was a token to express both friendship and gratitude.  And one more thing – that it may somehow help delay being forgotten.

My Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers Rare Print in white

Which is not a problem with me.  For I don’t forget.  I never forget.  And for this gift and many others, I’m quite thankful.

My new, lovely Parker pen in white. I used it for the first time the following day, filling out and signing all my travel forms on my flight back to Manila.


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One response

9 01 2012

This was a very lovely entry. And thank you oh so much for being a fellow crusader for handwriting ( even if my own penmanship leaves much to be desired!)!


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