Meet the BOSE®

11 01 2012

My brand new BOSE® OE Audio Headphones

I GO to work with a song in my head.  There’s nothing like finding that perfect song to encapsulate moments in vivid detail.  And when I do, I would always get up in the morning excited and literally darting through the front door on my way to hop on that train to the office.

Ever since I have moved to Singapore, there will always be one song that I would keep on playing for a whole week.  It could be an old song I re-discovered through a movie I just saw.  Or something I heard while doing my groceries.  Sometimes it was a tune I heard through someone’s blaring earphones.  Most often, my songs-of-the-moment would be old hits, like way too old.

One time, I mentioned to my good friend DJ Raoul how songs get me going and how, as I have already said, I’d keep playing the same one over and over again all through my almost-half-hour travel time to work.  I talk music with this guy because not only do I know he spins professionally back in the Philippines, but also because I have collaborated with him on a number of events where he would DJ and I would emcee (and sing!).

DJ Raoul


In action at one of our collaborative gigs.

A few days from that talk, he handed me a 32-minute mix he calledGive Me Some Electro.”  I loved it so much it became my song-of-so-many-weeks.

Between that time and right now, he’s given me three more mixes, the last one being my own playlist.  I’ve been listening to these and all the other music I love using really dirt cheap earphones that you’d use for a short while, until the rubber tubing wears off and the wires unravel, throw away, and replace with yet another set of dirt cheap ones.

Eventually, good influence rubs off, and following my other good friend Darryl’s fine taste, I finally decided to get myself a nice present, the BOSE® OE audio headphones “designed to bring my music to life.”

Make that bring DJ Raoul’s music to life.”

The DJ & The Emcee


The Palms Country Club, Alabang, January 2010


I can't wait to take this out for a spin!


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3 responses

12 01 2012

I tried my friend’s SOUL by Ludacris. It was awesome! Write a review about it, please. 🙂


12 01 2012

Trigger happy! Haha, I meant write a review about your BOSE headphones.


17 01 2012

Excellent choice. Discrete, not so flashy. I really love a pair of these. As what they claim, “better sound through research”. =)


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