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12 01 2012

Yes, I shamelessly write notes of appreciation. This one was for the cooks and staff at Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant at Vivo City, Singapore.

I’M NOTORIOUS for writing long notes to chefs who make me really wonderful edible works of their art.  I won’t forget the very first one I did write.  It was for the chef of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel who served me a most unforgettable Hainanese Chicken Rice dinner, at twelve midnight, at the hotel lobby lounge.  I was overjoyed not so much for their indulging me at that lateness of the hour, but actually for the fact that they served me a meal that WAS NOT on their café menu.

To me it was customer service of Iron Chef proportions – at a time when being an Iron Chef wasn’t yet in vogue.  I really felt compelled to write the chef a letter of thanks.  This was over a decade ago.

For dinner tonight, after getting famished from a little shopping at Vivo City – I only did so at stores that screamed S-A-L-E in big bold red letters – I decided to grab something to bite at the Kopitiam, only to notice at my peripheral vision a quaint, warm restaurant just next to it.  It wasn’t full to capacity but it had significant foot traffic.

I approached the counter, looked at the menu board, and pointed.  Yes, sometimes I’m reduced to pointing – at the menu, at cards that say “Today’s Special”, or at what other people are already having.

So I pointed to the image of the bowl of noodles that appealed to me the most – turned out to be called Jia Xiang Mee; then pointed to the soup a couple at the nearest table was having – turned out to be called “RecommendedFish Soup (I asked for the one with abalone!); and when asked for the doneness of my noodles, pointed to what one guy was stuffing himself with.  I almost said, “al dente.”

What came to me at the table had got to be arguably the best bowl of mee pok noodle dry and the best bowl of fish soup I have ever had in the six months I’ve been here.  Oh, please make that “bowls” of noodles as I couldn’t resist ordering seconds.  And I finished everything, with enough room left for a tall glass of my favorite iced milk tea.

A meal that satisfying – however simple – deserved a note from me.

Jia Xiang Kuching Mee


That char siew was really something special. Normally, I wouldn't touch the meat in this dish. But this one I finished to the point of licking the bowl. Only the littlest iota of propriety I had left prevented me from doing so.


I was so happy getting my second bowl!


Each Jia Xiang Mee came with a bowl of soup chockful with dumplings and plump, perfectly cooked prawns!


They have every right and reason to say this soup is "Recommended"!


The abalone was just so super sweet!


When I placed the order for the Fish Soup, the guy at the counter said that it was large and that I already had the mee pok. Obviously, this was my first time at their place and he hadn't been clued in on my voracious appetite.


Of course I had to have seconds!



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2 responses

12 01 2012

i don’t remember having tried mee pok noodle in my 5 years here. ay!


12 01 2012

I so admire these notes of appreciation you give. Maybe, I should do so too!


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