17 01 2012

A couple of tickets for excess baggage

OVER TWO decades of traveling internationally and I have managed to charm my way out of excess baggage charges every single time.

Well, until the 31st of December 2011.

I actually knew I would be going over way too much the moment I had gone through all the permutations in my head in how to squeeze in “the Dior” in my check-in luggage.  ToNoAvail.  It ended up sandwiched in between a brand new laptop and its bag’s cushioning.

I have always been quite fortunate to be well taken care of by Singapore Airlines, getting approval for extra baggage allowance every time I requested for it.  But I miscalculated my request this one last time and still ended up with 13.8kg of excess, on top of my approved extra.  At US$ 8.00 per kg., roughly S$ 10.40, it was a considerable sum – the images of Swatch watches within that price range, incessantly buzzing like neon in my head.

But I immediately snapped out of it, the moment I realized that the reason I was traveling with all that weight was because I have accumulated a lot of surprises for my family back home.  Whatever I paid for at the airport was small beans for the appreciation and gratitude I saw on their faces.

I thought that coming back to Singapore would be “lighter.”  But no, I chalked up in record time my second “excess baggage moment” – in the space of four days – for this time, I was bringing back stuff for the “family” I have made here in the Lion City.

Excess baggage from Singapore to Manila.  S$ 10.40 per kilogram.

Excess baggage from Manila to Singapore.  US$ 8.00 per kilogram.

To be the bearer of things to make many “someones” happy.  Priceless.

My pieces of luggage make it to the door!


My luggage right under my favorite number


I love standing in front of this huge flight status billboard.


My luggage made it through the door! I have to tell you, that big one was so heavy. A lot of pushing, shoving, and dragging was involved. Hahaha!


I brought home a couple of really special presents for Mama – the TV, and her brand new laptop, which was in her favorite color of pink. It was pink on the outside, and on the inside.


The happy look of someone who had just settled excess baggage payment. Hahaha!


On my way to board


This is not totally related to the post, but I just thought about putting it here. Haha! I debuted my new Parker pen on this flight, using it to fill out all my travel forms.


I heart Singapore!


On the flight back, one piece from my luggage tipped the scale at 34kg. I knew I would be paying for the excess again, after the officer asked me to load everything on the scale.


Still quite happy because my request for extra baggage was again approved. So I paid really just a small amount.


On this flight out, the line at the immigration was so surprisingly short, it was virtually non-existent. I was shocked.


I shall cherish these excess baggage tickets forever. Hahaha!

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