New Year new wristwatch

31 01 2012

The ALESSI by Wiel Arets wristwatch

IF GETTING text messaged about new arrivals and exclusive offers is what a relationship makes, then I have one with the Alessi store in the Philippines.

Alessi is an Italian lifestyle brand that started out as a kitchen utensil company.  But I became cognizant of them already as the purveyor of very “post-modern,” cutting-edge designer pieces for the home – not just the kitchen.

What I love most about them is their wristwatch collection, a collaboration between them and internationally renowned and multi-awarded architects and industrial designers.  I started off with the Karim Rashids, obviously gravitating towards monochromatic timepieces in fun colors but with a simple dial.  Eventually, I craved to own one of the solid all-stainless steel stuff, and automatic movement if possible.  Unfortunately, it had never been available in the Philippines.  I put myself on a wait list.  And that was exactly it – quite a wait.  Hahaha!

The topmost black wristwatch on the right is a Karim Rashid.

Fortunately here in Singapore, Moments by City Chain, as well as that store beside Krasnaya Watch Gallery at ION Orchard, carries Alessi timepieces.  I found at both stores the one I have been lusting after – the AL16000, the Wiel Arets solid all-stainless steel timepiece with an internationally registered automatic movement!  (Wiel Arets is a world-famous Dutch architect.  You can Wikipedia him for more information.  Hehe.)

That window is a peek into the mechanism of what is engraved on the back to be an "INTERNATIONAL REGISTERED..."


"...AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT." Also on the back are the words "ALESSI / WIEL ARETS".

I had to keep coming back to the store to see if I really felt that I wanted it.  I lost sleep over it so that meant I had to have it.  Hahaha!  I love it’s being really solid and hefty.  It’s quite subtly mysterious that the back is not totally an exhibition caseback but rather a peek-a-boo one that allows just a slight glimpse into the automatic movement.  And the bracelet is really sturdy and locks in place with a trusty push-button deployment mechanism.  The dial is white and the hour markers are embossed glow-in-the-dark stainless steel circles, a theme that is repeated in the crown design.  I couldn’t ask for more.

I love the push-button deployment clasp that locks the sturdy all-stainless steel bracelet in place.


I find ALESSI's packaging funky.


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