From three years ago: FALL is the operative word

14 02 2012

"Two Chairs" (Photo by one of my best friends, The Boy Wonder)

SOMETIMES, I couldn’t help but wonder that there must be a good reason we say it this way:  fall in love.

I guess that for the most part, the fall just happens.  Be it on the very first time you see each other.  Or be it on that one morning (after sufficient time has passed) when you wake up and realize that you just couldn’t be without each other.  When either of these two happens, the falling has started.  Don’t tell me it’s not that simple.  It is.

And I think, there’s nothing much you can do about it.  Oh, there is – fall.

To fall is to descend freely – a free fall, if you will – under the influence, that forceful pull, of gravity.  It’s reckless abandon at its best.  And as you move downward, lower and lower towards the new center of your world, you let go of reason.  You may even succumb to a great deal of things you don’t normally or usually do.  You suddenly pass into a state of being wherein everything seems right in and with the world.  Everything has profound meaning.  You start to care about even the mundane things.  And everything is beautiful.

To fall is to plunge with dizzying speed.  Unfortunately sometimes, while you may have earlier thought that you were plummeting towards that new center of your world, you are actually without direction.  And this is when you realize that you are like falling from the top of a tall tree – hitting every single branch on your way down.  You get yourself cut.  You get yourself bruised.  You get yourself beaten up until, with a resounding thud, you fall flat on the ground – broken bones and all.

I guess that’s basically why we say we fall in love.  It’s because that’s what we actually do.  And when we do, we run the risk of hurting ourselves as we fall.  We do let go of a lot of things because as we fall, we start to care more about somebody else.  We put someone else’s needs ahead of ours.  And probably for the first time, the word “unconditional” rings with truth and meaning.  With the rapid and free descent comes a deeper realization of the strengths that we never knew we had in us.  And should we end up with a broken spirit – not necessarily with broken bones – we are still fine.  After all, that is what healing is for.

To fall is to have mustered enough courage to put your feelings on the line.  And regardless of how it turns out, you will always be a great deal of a better person than from when you took that rapid downward spiral.

Yes, there’s no other way to say it than to say it as it is:  we fall in love.

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Nothing like a paper napkin to tell you one of life’s simple truths

14 02 2012

GARRETT POPCORN Shops’ paper napkins opened my eyes to one of life’s simple truths.  For the S$ 8.00 I forked over for their small bag of my fave Chicago Mix – part Caramel Crisp, part Cheese Corn, and a whole lotta love – I got real finger-lickin’ good popcorn and a lesson.  Yes, love is messy™.  To that I say, go ahead, fall.

Love is messy. Hehe...


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