The DJ Raoul Project

19 02 2012

I BUMPED into my good friend DJ Raoul in the office the day after the Singapore Zoo Safari Zoo Run 2012 and I practically thanked him for helping me “survive” the 6km – on no practice at all! – much thanks to his music which blared into my ears.  Sometimes you will just feel lucky enough to have really creative and talented friends who share with you their gift.

And speaking about his creative work, he has just started a new project.  He is into making video mixtapes now!  You can access his new project at this link, DJ Raoul’s I Am Your VJ.”  And for a taste – and a look and listen – of his first video mixtape, click on this link, DJ Raoul’s The Introduction.”

I will understand if you soon start charging me for any music you will make me (Hahaha!), but I hope to be entitled to a considerable discount.  Kiddin’.

The Emcee and The DJ


The DJ and The Emcee

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Meeting on 36 sandwiches ago

19 02 2012

FIFTEEN MINUTES into the 2010 romantic comedy “Life As We Know It” (starring Katherine Heigl, Josh Lucas and Josh Duhamel) and I knew it would be one of those I’d always remember.  That, and the fact that regardless of what Rotten Tomatoes thinks about its script (“poorly written”), in my eyes, it has redeemed itself with one scene.


Sam     : “Hey.”

Holly    : “Let me guess.  Free-range turkey on baguette?”

Sam     :  “I’m getting predictable, huh?”

Holly    : “Well, I like to think of it as dependable.  It’s been 35.  The same sandwich.”

Sam     : “You’re counting?!”

Holly    : “…ish.  35-ish.  You know there are other things on the menu.  If you’d like to try something… else.”

Sam     :  “Uhm… Surprise me.”

Holly    :  “Okay!  Alright, great!  Do you like croissants? ”

Sam     :  “I do.  Yeah.”

Holly    :  “Then I’ve got you something.”

Sam     :  “How come you don’t wear one of those white coats, you know, with your name on it…  so I know what it is.”

Holly    :  “It’s Holly.”

Sam     :  “Holly.  Sam. ”

Holly    :  “Nice meeting you.”

Sam     :  “We met on… 35 sandwiches ago.”

Holly    :  “36 now!”

Sam     :  “Keep the change.”

Holly    :  “Uhm, thanks.   Ah, you sure you don’t want to drop your card in the bowl.  Winner gets a free lunch.”

Sam     :  “How about a free dinner on me?”


It may be a scene from a movie.  But don’t you just love it when a couple of minutes on celluloid (Do they still make movie prints on those?) encapsulates scenes from your own life so vividly you’d find yourself pointing to the movie star on the screen saying, “That’s me!”.

Or, just like right now, with a slight chuckle forming from the corner of your lips as a thought bubble forms above your head with the words, “I know that guy.”


A Sausage McGriddle with Egg


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Paul Frank

19 02 2012

Paul Frank on the display window

I KNOW exactly when I realized I needed to start wearing prescription glasses.  It was one hot Manila day, June 1991.

My trigonometry professor gave us a 100-point quiz on the first day of class.  We didn’t know why, except that he said it was to assess where the class stood.  On the next day, he handed back our papers telling us they were to be the basis of our seating arrangement.  I got a perfect score and was made to sit at the last seat in a corner.

It didn’t help at all that there was half a pillar obstructing the view of the blackboard.  What made it ultimately feel like the loser’s seat was that even if I’d move my head to get a clearer view as I took down notes or copy the questions to a quiz, the view wasn’t getting any clearer at all.

I knew I needed glasses.

My glasses through the years have run a whole gamut of sizes, styles, colors, and price range.  The most I’ve had were a number of rectangular-shaped black acetate frames – from the cheapest that literally cost me nothing to those that you’d need to save up for.  My more recent ones have included a blue acetate from a Japanese brand, an all-titanium pair that cost about US$ 580.00 that I got just because the insurance covered everything except twenty (I’ve since passed this frame on to one of my brothers), an Emporio Armani, and a brandless plastic frame in a wood finish.  (Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign features frames in wood finish.)

My current favorites happen to be my Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers – in white and in black.  The red one is waiting for me in the Philippines.

My Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers in White


I got the one called the "Rare Print" edition that has multi-color designs printed on the inside.

I bought the white on one Duty Free shopping date I had with my family.  After Mama had her fill of inspecting the very limited Le Pliage offering at Longchamp – she did walk away with a huge “Tree of Life” scarf that she would tie to her limited edition “Tree of Life” Le Pliage in small, short handle – we all went to the Ray-Ban counter.  Everyone got the pair of sunnies they liked the most.  I knew right there and then that I wanted the Classic Wayfarers.  But in white.

A trip to the optometrist and my Ray-Ban sunnies became my new daily spectacles.  I love it so much that one of my brothers got me the black pair as a “just because” present.

The one in black

Lately, I’ve been considering getting a pair of Paul Frank.  I’m so loving their designs, having seen them on my friends Wai Hon first and now, Yu Chen.  I’m seriously thinking about it but would often have the perfect excuse of not having the time for it, especially after every time I would check my wristwatch at work.

Then I turned around, after doing groceries at Cold Storage, and there it was – Paul Frank on both the display windows of the friendly neighborhood optical shop.




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