Meeting on 36 sandwiches ago

19 02 2012

FIFTEEN MINUTES into the 2010 romantic comedy “Life As We Know It” (starring Katherine Heigl, Josh Lucas and Josh Duhamel) and I knew it would be one of those I’d always remember.  That, and the fact that regardless of what Rotten Tomatoes thinks about its script (“poorly written”), in my eyes, it has redeemed itself with one scene.


Sam     : “Hey.”

Holly    : “Let me guess.  Free-range turkey on baguette?”

Sam     :  “I’m getting predictable, huh?”

Holly    : “Well, I like to think of it as dependable.  It’s been 35.  The same sandwich.”

Sam     : “You’re counting?!”

Holly    : “…ish.  35-ish.  You know there are other things on the menu.  If you’d like to try something… else.”

Sam     :  “Uhm… Surprise me.”

Holly    :  “Okay!  Alright, great!  Do you like croissants? ”

Sam     :  “I do.  Yeah.”

Holly    :  “Then I’ve got you something.”

Sam     :  “How come you don’t wear one of those white coats, you know, with your name on it…  so I know what it is.”

Holly    :  “It’s Holly.”

Sam     :  “Holly.  Sam. ”

Holly    :  “Nice meeting you.”

Sam     :  “We met on… 35 sandwiches ago.”

Holly    :  “36 now!”

Sam     :  “Keep the change.”

Holly    :  “Uhm, thanks.   Ah, you sure you don’t want to drop your card in the bowl.  Winner gets a free lunch.”

Sam     :  “How about a free dinner on me?”


It may be a scene from a movie.  But don’t you just love it when a couple of minutes on celluloid (Do they still make movie prints on those?) encapsulates scenes from your own life so vividly you’d find yourself pointing to the movie star on the screen saying, “That’s me!”.

Or, just like right now, with a slight chuckle forming from the corner of your lips as a thought bubble forms above your head with the words, “I know that guy.”


A Sausage McGriddle with Egg


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