The DJ Raoul Project

19 02 2012

I BUMPED into my good friend DJ Raoul in the office the day after the Singapore Zoo Safari Zoo Run 2012 and I practically thanked him for helping me “survive” the 6km – on no practice at all! – much thanks to his music which blared into my ears.  Sometimes you will just feel lucky enough to have really creative and talented friends who share with you their gift.

And speaking about his creative work, he has just started a new project.  He is into making video mixtapes now!  You can access his new project at this link, DJ Raoul’s I Am Your VJ.”  And for a taste – and a look and listen – of his first video mixtape, click on this link, DJ Raoul’s The Introduction.”

I will understand if you soon start charging me for any music you will make me (Hahaha!), but I hope to be entitled to a considerable discount.  Kiddin’.

The Emcee and The DJ


The DJ and The Emcee

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2 responses

1 03 2012
Kean Lim

I like Raoul’s music a looooot…Thanks!


2 03 2012

Thanks Enteng for sharing my new project on your blog. Really appreciate it! As promised, I’ll make you a power mix on your next run. Cheers! =)

Thanks Kean Lim! I also like your type of music. We should party some time. Hehe


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