Starting the weekend right

25 02 2012

THE TEXT message said something like, “Care to make your Saturday productive?”

And I knew that two of my closest friends, Darryl & Brenda, were asking me to fun run by the riverside nearby and then breakfast at McDonald’s.  It’s our usual “bagong gising” (fresh-out-of-bed) Saturday plan.

At the badminton court with Darryl & Brenda


Breakfast at McDonald's

After breakfast of Sausage McMuffin with Egg for me, we made the tour of the Community Center.  And just like that, plans were sort of laid out to hit the gym, take up dance classes, swim, take the slide (and scream!), and play badminton.

We shall have more Saturdays like this.

Standing in line for breakfast


That's Brenda right in front of me at the queue.


I'm a creature of habit. And at this point, I was doing that which I do whenever I order with Darryl or Brenda. Ask, "What are you having?"


The queue was taking a long time. So there was time to strike a pose.


This "WATER CUBE" shirt was a gift from a good friend. The Water Cube is the National Aquatics Center in Beijing, China.


Darryl & Brenda


I decided to brave the long queue once again for a tall iced Milo.


A Mini Cooper! And in blue!


Mini and Me... So lovin' the Union Jack detail on this car. So Brit. So appropriate.


Standing from across the baseball field

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4 responses

25 02 2012

mukhang pinaghandaan mo talaga enteng… yung breakfast at poses for the pictures! 😛
…at ang bilib talaga ako sa porma! 🙂


26 02 2012

sang CC to?


27 02 2012

someone’s been losing weight! 🙂


5 03 2012

No offence..but your ‘water cube’ T-shirt make you look like a ‘football’…^O^ Btw, I agree with the ‘losing weight’ comment.


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