LURPAK is to the British

28 02 2012

CERTAIN SCENES in movies stick in your head long after the credits have rolled.  I saw The Iron Lady before the Oscars – among other nominated films – and that one scene that played on and on incessantly in my head at work involved, of all things, butter.  Not her analytical intelligence, not her being a master tactician during the Falklands War, not the one when she stated her “non-negotiable”.  Butter.


“There’s a perception, Margaret, rightly or wrongly, that we are now completely out of touch with the country.”

“Really?!  How much is a pack of LURPAK?”


“Butter, Francis.  Forty-two pence.”

“Anchor Butter is 40 pence.  Flora Margarine, still the cheapest, at 38p.  I can assure you I am not out of touch.”


LURPAK is to the British, as what “galunggong” (mackerel scad) is to the Filipino.  Hehe.

"How much is a pack of LURPAK? Butter. Forty-two pence." Nowadays, it's at S$ 7.15 at the grocery behind my block. It's always on my shopping list.

But what actually struck me about this “LURPAK” scene is that it reminded me of my mother.  She loves LURPAK very much – and yes, Anchor Butter is the runner-up in her books – that when I moved here in Singapore, I always make sure that I always, always have one pack stashed away in the deep freeze.  Times come when I need to pull it out, literally in the middle of the night, and slather it on high fiber white bread.

It’s such a comfort.


(Side Note:  For the first time, I wasn’t able to observe my annual Oscar tradition because I had to go to work – really swamped but lovin’ it.  Good thing that I was kept posted by my brother who shares almost the same time zone as the Kodak Theater.  I got seven for seven – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.)


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One response

29 02 2012

LURPAK happens to be my favorite! my dad told me many years ago that if i want to have good butter, i should buy Lurpak…i haven’t gone back since! 🙂


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