8 on 29

1 03 2012

(This was originally written on the 29th.)

Time flies...

ON 29 JUNE 2011, I got on the SQ917 flight bound for Singapore.

The first people I met were Jack & Julie, Loradel, Jaime, Caloi, and Darryl & Brenda at one of the blocks on Anchorvale Lane.  None of the “usual” or “expected” friends.  Time has passed, and Jack & Julie, Loradel, and Darryl & Brenda have turned out to be amazing and caring friends.  It has been exactly eight months since.  “8” is auspicious to the Chinese.  And I like that number too.  So today, I’m grateful for being here for the past 8 months.


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2 responses

1 03 2012
Kean Lim

Me too!! Now its full 8 months in the company. Now turning to 9th month!


30 04 2012

haven’t been seeing you around… miss you eNTeng!


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